re-direct your thoughts


When ever you find yourself feeling blue,
Re-direct your thoughts to gratitude,
When ever you find yourself stuck in a past trauma or painful memory, 
Re-direct your thoughts to gratitude,
When ever you find yourself worrying about a future that hasn’t happened,
Re-direct your thoughts to gratitude.

You feel what you focus on...
When you live consciously, mindfully & are aware of your thoughts, you can catch yourself in moments of despair or time travelling, because it will happen, we’re human. There are triggers of all sorts that will take your mind on instant journeys of despair & pain, but to be aware that it happens & when it does to then be able to change it to focusing on your gratitudes will make all the difference to your next moment, hour, day, even week or longer in some cases.

These thoughts if we are not aware of them can hang around for so long, getting deeper & darker, creating more distress, more feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, victimisation. They creep into your relationships, work place, home life, everywhere & everything like a poison. But you have the power to change it, to redirect it, to use it for your highest good. The easiest, fastest way, as you begin to recognise these moments is to take a deep breath & re-direct your focus & thoughts to all your are grateful for.

Now I’ve had people say to me but I have nothing to be grateful for, I can’t think of anything. My question would be imagine if you woke up with only the things you were grateful for yesterday.... A flood of people, places, moments & things would start to come to mind. Allow them to, soak them in, allow the smile just busting to get out beam across your face & from there you begin shifting your energy, your vibration, creating the space to be in a more loving & positive energy & thus giving you the ability to think clearer & deal with what ever has troubled you or to be so in awe & joyful of all that you have in this life to simply lift your spirits & positivity move forward.

We are the masters of our minds, we have mastered misery, pain & despair so well, we must master the thoughts & habits that will change our lives, our loved ones lives & the world in a positive & productive way.

Begin with the simple re-direction of thoughts to gratitude each time you catch yourself feeling low, looking into the rear view mirror of a painful past or the crystal ball of a possible painful future that hasn’t even happened.

It may seem so cliche now but it works & what’s totally brilliant is that it’s so simple anyone & everyone can tap into it at anytime, anyplace, even when things are going awesome. In fact that’s the best time to start practising a regular gratitude ritual because when you need it most it will easily come to mind.

To wrap up my thoughts are drawn to every thing we do should serve a purpose, sometimes that purpose is as simple as feeling happy & alive, so what purpose does it serve to hold onto pain, to a past that cannot be changed, to create so much worry & catastrophizing on a future that hasn’t happened.

It serves no purpose, for you or for all those around you. Gratitude can be your catalyst for change.

From there you open up to a world of possibility, of love & of joy.

May gratitude be part of your thoughts & your day, every day.

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