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For now it's just titled 'Our Story' by the PD for Women group, but I will run a competition in the future to let the group decide our books title!

My little dream here is to see where it goes, what amazing adventure we create & to publish it with every ones names! 

Our Story by 'the PD for Women Group!

Hello & Welcome to what will be a fun story that grows over time from everyone's wonderful imagination & contribution! 

Our story begins on the 1st day of Spring - September - 2016 -Who knows where it will go..... lets see!

Just a couple of things;

  • When you add your sentence (following on from the script - not from the comments as they are not an exact representation of the text) keep it inspiring, motivational & uplifting. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Fabulous, fun, magical or dramatic but any 'Horror or Porn' type contributions will not be included. 
  • As mentioned above simply follow on from the Chapter section (not the last entry (as some entries are not shown) and let the story flow. I will update this page regularly, so that it reads as a story below! 

Let the Story begin....

Introducing our characters as we go along;

LILY JANE SALISBURY - Our leading Lady - Age at the beginning of our story; 35

FREDERICK JAMES SALISBURY - Lily's great uncle (who has recently passed away)

SAMUEL - Uncle Freds long time confidante, lawyer and friend.

LILY'S MUM - Still to be named (passed away when Lily was 10)

JANAKI - Our new lady character (She lives across the globe from Lily, where we do not know yet, nor do we know the connection she has to Lily or Uncle Fred - TBA)

JANAKI'S SON - 21 years old, still to be named.

NOTE: Please read the story below to understand what's happening and whose who :) xxx


It was the first day of Spring, the sun was shining and there was a beautiful fragrance in the air from a near by Jasmine. The longing for warmth of the Sun after a cold wet winter was short lived. As the following day arrived with dark clouds and constant rain, making the air very damp. I was rather tired as it had been a challenging week, so I set off for a walk to help clear my mind, recalling Vivian Greene's words "It's not how you weather the storm but how you dance in the rain". Little did I know what adventure I would be pulled into with something as innocent as a walk in the impending storm. I stopped for a moment to empty my squelching shoes for the fifth time..... and then I saw it! A small shape seemingly completely out of place. I bent down to look more closely. What was it? It was hauntingly familiar, seeming to come from a long forgotten memory. It reminded me of sunshine, fragrant blossoming lilies and the sweetest chocolate you could ever imagine! .... but what was it?

As I leaned in closer it was hard to believe that anything so completely perfect could be real. Tiny spangles of cobweb icing laced through the most exquisite cacao lilies, atop a perfect miniature red velvet cake set upon a glowing green leaf, in the overhang of a hollow log. Completely entranced , I felt time slip away......then I heard the voice.

The voice was quiet yet musical but I could not identify it. It seemed familiar although I can't place why, the voice seems to be all around but I didn't know where it is coming from. "Close your eyes," the voice said, "You needn't be afraid." "I am your friend and I am part of you. I have been with you your entire life & beyond" said the voice. I asked it, "If that's the case, why am I only hearing from you now?". I heard the beautiful response, "Because right now, you are completely "in the moment", your mind is empty. Enjoy your experience. Is it not a blessed place to be?. You have heard me many times, yet you have not trusted me, you have not trusted yourself. You have constantly trimmed your edges to "fit" in with those around you, so that you could seem "normal". I am here to help you allow yourself to be; truly you. That is the only real path to happiness.... to shine as you, fully and completely". Life is for living, listen to the beautiful sounds of the season in its growth and love life as it is presented.

I awoke startled, as a jolt of thunder ripped through the sky, followed by a brilliant flash of lightning, covering the sky with a complete halo of white shimmering haze. I sat trying to give the fractured reminnants of my strange dream some meaning. "To shine as me? Can I shine? " I felt a light bursting in my mind as I felt a growing joy flood my soul. "YES! Today I will shine!"

Today I will start a new Me! Today I pack up all my troubles and stand tall and say " Hey world this is me... The real me and I feel wonderful and energised". 

I was smiling from ear to ear as I jumped out of bed. Never had I experienced such joy, energy and a sense of freedom. My challenges and worries seemed to disappear. I felt so alive and so excited for this brand new day. Picking up my Gratitude Journal, I thoughtfully wrote my 3 daily gratitude's, then the phone buzzed.

The voice on the phone seemed so far away but very familiar to me, although I could not yet place it. I listened as the voice explained that my great uncle Fred had sadly passed and I was invited to a hearing of his will in two days time. I then remembered the voice belonged to his longtime best confidante, lawyer and friend, Samuel. They had spent many long nights together over the years discussing politics, current affairs and their daily lives over the warmth of a tawny port by the fire in Uncle Fred's office. Although I was saddened to hear of Uncle Fred's passing, I never expected the call to summon me to Samuels office.

As I packed my small suitcase I felt nervous & excited, I tried to imagine what this unexpected journey had in store for me, it had been many years since I'd seen great uncle Fred & my memories were hazy..

The journey to the Sydney lawyer' s office passed swiftly in a blurry haze. Before I knew it, I was seated before Samuel, as he fiddled with papers on his desk. He adjusted his multifocals and, glancing briefly at me, began to read in a serious, steady tone. As Samuel read.. my mind drifted off to wonderful memories... a warm sea breeze on my face...the sound of the waves softly lapping the shore... the soft sand below my feet... aww bliss.. I silently smiled to myself... as I heard Samuels voice in the distance...

"I, Frederick James Salisbury, do hereby devise, bequeath & give all of my holdings & estate to my great niece, Lily Jane Salisbury upon her visit to said estate in Salisbury, UK". As the tears run down my face, the voice said, " Your uncle knew " What does this mean, I know I loved my uncle, but to leave me his whole estate. He obviously knew something that I didn't, but what was it? I knew I was just going to have to go there & find out! That night I packed and booked the next flight to London. During my flight to London memories of my childhood took centre stage, Uncle Fred was my Mothers brother, Mum passed away when I was 10 but before she passed I remember spending so many holidays at Uncle Fred’s estate in London, Mum and Uncle Fred were always laughing talking about when they were little and the jokes they would play on each other growing up, it was like they had their own secret code. I know now how lucky they were to have such a strong sibling bond. There was this one time when ……

I was playing on the front porch with all my dolls. It was Spring, I loved Spring there because I'd play for hours on the porch surrounded by the most beautiful flowers. It was like playing in a little fairy land. But this particular day as my two favourite dolls were getting ready for a ball (I was dressing them up and doing their hair) I heard mum and Uncle Fred's voices coming from the attic window that was open right above where I was playing. They were so excited, about what I didn't know. So I quietly but quickly went inside, tip toed up the stairs and headed towards the attic. But I was to late, they had already left and greeted me cheerfully just before I reached the attic. So many wonderful memories drifted into my mind during the long flight.

As the plane landed their were still so many thoughts swirling through my head, memories of snippets of conversations overheard, so long ago, secreted away in the back of my mind for many years.
I felt both excited and apprehensive at the realisation that I still was not alone on the world, here living in England was possibly my future with family that I had previously never knew existed. As I walked to collect my luggage I noticed a beautiful picture of hydrangeas hanging in the window of one of the airports quaint little boutique shops, and suddenly I remembered. A few weeks back, after Winter had come and gone and the scent of Spring was in the air, I had been working in my garden and that familiar voice from my recent dream had spoken to me and said "When the hydrangeas come out to bloom put the house up for sale" It had just dawned on me that as I was rushing out of my house to head to the airport the hydrangeas were in full bloom. I remember smiling at the sight of them as I rushed past to get in the cab that had been waiting out front for me. Put the house up for sale.... This was my family home, I had lived there my whole life. When mum passed it was just dad and I until he too sadly passed, it had been me alone in that house for the past 5 years. So many memories, how could I possibly sell it. It saddened me to think about it so I grabbed my luggage as it came around the turn table and decided a coffee was what I needed.

On the other side of the planet, Janaki had just risen to the morning crowing of the cock, not knowing anything about all the excitement of recently begotten wealth of the English lady. It was a big day, the day of the bazaar and today she had to get her beloved cow sold somehow. As she struggled to make her way to the bazaar, she couldn’t resist the thoughts that kept crossing her mind. If only she could raise enough to enable her 21 year old son travel for further studies. Deep within she knew it would open so many doors for themHer thoughts drifted back... back to happier days when her heart was swept away by Love. It was the most amazing Love! Passionate & warm.. happiness like she had never known before but, fatefully, the flame flickered out, & she found herSelf alone & with child. "Janaki!", her thoughts scattered like startled pigeons & she turned to see a tall, young man in an immaculate grey suit peering down at her through his horn-rimmed glasses.

As she realised she must of looked frightful with tears smudging her mascara, the man in the grey suit reached into his pocket and handed her a tissue and said with a smile "its clean, Hi my name is Robert I couldn't help but see you were upset I would love to chat for awhile, do you have the time?". Unsure of who this man was, but desperately wanting to share her troubling thoughts with someone who wanted to listen, Janaki quietly said "yes, thank you"

Audio of our story so far... up to the 1st April 2017

Janaki and Robert talked for over an hour, about the weather, the bazaar and all its wonders and treasures. He had even run over to one of the local coffee merchants to grab them a coffee as they spoke. Although it was only 'small talk' Janaki found it comforting and Roberts presence very calming. He had such a gentle nature and eyes that were deep and caring. Janaki on a few occasions thought to herself; there was something about him, this wasn't a coincidence, did he know her? Then seemingly out of the blue he mentioned the name Frederick James Salisbury.

Janaki, although completely startled, in a quiet soft voice replied "Fred" She hadn't said that name out loud for over a decade. How did he know Fred?