I believe our greatest journey is to love beyond fear.
To me this encompasses everything but must always start with you (me/us)
To love ourselves unconditionally, free from the fear of judgement, failure, expectations. 
Free from all the limitations we place on ourselves of self-doubt, lack of self-worth & all those self-sabotaging things we do, often without even realising it.

Free to live & be who we truly are, our glorious authentic selves, unique & beautiful, loving, creative & talented.

Fear, failure & judgement will always exist in our world but we can free ourselves of the unnecessary chains that come with them. 
If we can love ourselves unconditionally, free from all the fears that hold us back, we can begin to love others unconditionally. We will open up, be vulnerable & able to stand strong, confident & tall even if it is not returned, mocked or we are judged. We can find the courage & strength to go for our dreams, to try new things, learn & pursue new things.
We can begin to live as life intended us to; joyfully, lovingly, willingly, open to giving & receiving fully all life’s blessings & gifts with such love & passion.

Beginning the journey (as our beautiful quote below states) exploring the unknown wilderness within our soul. I don’t know about you but this quote excites me. To be able to fully express ourselves & live authentically we must get to know ourselves completely. Breaking through the fear of what we may discover along the way until we get to that place of self acceptance, forgiveness, embracing & loving who we are.

All our limitations, lack & fear are based on all the life experiences we have taken onboard & the meaning we have given them, from the voices & actions of the world, the media, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, even loved ones. Perception is a powerful thing & fear is an incredible motivator to act or to not, we must recognise it.

I would add another thought to “our life’s greatest journey is...” & that is to know that along the way, with every step, we have control of the choices we make & what we take onboard, 100%. We must learn to choose love, to choose what is for our highest good & the highest good of others & take onboard into the depths of our soul only the things that are positive & productive, the things that will enhance the life we live, the example we lead by & the legacy we leave behind.

Here’s to this magnificent journey we call life!

What do you believe is our (your) greatest journey in life?
How can you incorporate it into your life?

May I add if you do struggle with freeing yourself from fear, of finding love, discovering your purpose or passion, of finding fulfilment, joy & meaning then I welcome you to contact me today. As the Love the Life You Live Coach it is my honour & joy to help as many women as I can through various channels but ultimately through the power of Life Coaching. Taking you from where you are to where you want to go & creating a life full of love, joy & meaning.


The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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