New YEAR - New deliberate way of thinking


Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. -Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Why do we beat ourselves up for things we cannot change,

Why don’t we see that we did what we did with the knowledge we had at the time & now we can choose to do things differently. We can choose to learn, grow & move on with such gratitude that we now know more.

Why do we go over the same miserable story over & over again. Re-living the same painful emotions.

Why don’t we tune into a new, positive, beneficial, healing story that will allow us to move forward & create joy in our lives.

Why do we believe we can’t, we’re not good enough.Why don’t we remember how perfect, capable, beautiful, amazing & worthy we are when we came to this earth.

It is true that all the ‘why do we’s & why don’t we’s’ come from what we have experienced in life, what we have taken onboard, chosen to believe to be true & allowed to be the stronger force in our minds.

It is also true that we can change it in a second, it is merely a choice.Choosing to let go of what was,Choosing to tap into our higher selves,Choosing to learn how if we do not know,Choosing to see ourselves as we desire to be, as we truly are,Choosing what we give our attention & energy too,Choosing what we focus on,Choosing to do what lights us up & makes us feel good,

Sometimes I find it heartbreaking to see how much personal torture we put ourselves through, when we came as a beautiful shining light of love & beauty but allowed the darkness of this world to dim our light, to loose our self-worth & self-belief. Choosing instead to believe the masses or the words of those struggling themselves, lashing out in the only way they know how because they too have forgotten how incredibly amazing, capable & worthy they are.

We can choose to shine again, so brightly that not only do we improve & enhance our lives & go back to what was innately true, that being - our most beautiful, capable, authentic selves; loving, kind, compassionate, thoughtful & unapologetic for being who we are but we become the beacon of hope for others no matter what they do or say, they will see it & feel it.

As we head into 2021 after a year that was so unique for us all, let us;

Choose Love,

Choose Joy,

Choose to learn & grow,

Choose to stand tall & shine,

Choose to be unapologetic & embrace our uniqueness,

Choose higher thoughts,

Choose to make peace with our past & celebrate who we are, where we’re at, what we’ve achieved & survived & with such excitement choose to see what’s possible,

Because we/you are magnificent creators & although there is much in this world we cannot control, we hold the power to choose what thoughts take residency in our minds, what direction we want to go & with deliberate thinking & retraining our minds to focus on what feels good & inspiring to us we become the powerful creators we have always been & we create;

More Love,

More Joy,

More Hope,

More abundance,

in this amazing journey we call life.

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