Never Underestimate the power of Simplicity

& consistent little actions...

Nike coined the simple phrase - "Just do it"!
L’Oréal coined the simple phrase - "You're worth it"!

Two Fortune 500 companies that know the power of simplicity

We all want to feel better, do better, live better, but what are we doing to make it happen?

Anthony Robbins would say 'You've got to set yourself up to win". He’d also add "One of the challenges we face is that we don't realise that the process of training ourselves and conditioning ourselves actually feels incredible once you get that initial momentum"

If you want things to change - you have to change
If you want things to get better - you have to get better
If you want more love - you have to be more loving
If you want more joy - you have to be more joyful and so on.

The key word is you,

NLP, Neuro Linguistic programming teaches us how quickly we can change our state of mind simply by what we focus on, what we think about.

You’re going to 'feel' what you focus on; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

So what simple little things can you do to improve the quality of your life?

Remember little things can create big changes! Consistency is the key!

1. Create an attitude of gratitude.
When you consistently look for and acknowledge all the things you are (or can be) grateful for (big and small) you will see even more. It's simply how our brain works, when you consistently notice something 'good or bad' the brain sees it as important and will make sure you notice more of it. Make it a beautiful daily habit.

2. Say I love you!
If you feel it - say it every day!
If you want to feel it - say it every day!
Say it to those you love and say it to yourself. Walk up to your mirror and say 'I love you' even if at first you don't believe it - say it again and again and again, until you do.

3. A little act of kindness to yourself every day will go a long way! The list of what you could do - just for you is limitless. Take the time to invest in yourself. Everyone around you will also benefit when you feel more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Read or listen to something every day that helps you grow, feel alive and inspired. A book, a positive quote, a blog on personal development (yep, like this one), a song. 

5. Smile as much as you can.

6. A little act of kindness to another fellow human being, without expecting anything in return. Be it your partner, your kids, a stranger. Make someone else's day. Anthony Robbins reminds us "The secret of living is giving".

7. Be the gatekeeper of your mind - You choose what goes in there and sticks around. If you find yourself veering off the path into the woods of worry, doubt, fear or anger gently bring yourself back with a positive thought or determination and focus on finding a solution. Believe it exists; believe you will find it - either on your own through research or with the help of someone else, a trusted friend or mentor. Don't waste time dwelling - just how to keep moving forward.

8. Create your own affirmation. (A statement of what Is or what will be). Your own personal mantra. Something you can recite consistently with passion to help you stay focused on how you want to be, feel, live. My personal favourite is "every minute of every day my life gets better in every way". You say it enough, you remember it, you start to feel it and live it.

9. Be your own cheerleader!
Don't wait for someone else to pat you on the back - pat yourself on the back. Acknowledge your achievements and breakthroughs. 

10. Breathe.
Without any thought it happens, it's vital but when your flusted, full of worry - make it conscious. It will give you thinkability. Stop and focus on breathing in and out, slowly, calmly. If your mind wanders off just bring it back counting your breath or saying the words "breathe in breathe out.

This is your life, don't waste a minute of it! Choose to make it Grand!

So I challenge you
Just do it - because you're worth it.

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