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Telephone and Skype Counselling Services

This service is provided to help remove the limitations of location.
No matter where you are - we can connect.

Details are the same as individual counselling services only via telephone or Skype. Closing the gap on distance and enabling help and healing from the comfort of your own home.

As each of us travels on our journey of life we encounter many experiences.

Unique to each of us, some of these experiences lift us up and bring us great joy but some test us, bring us down, leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, depressed, grief stricken, confused, scared or alone.

No one should ever have to feel helpless or alone.

Counselling is a means of gaining support and guidance through challenging times and can positively assist anyone who makes the choice to seek help, clarity and direction.

How does it work?

 - Initial enquiry and confirmation of a booking - time and date arranged/confirmed via email

 - Payment is required in full 24 hours prior to confirmed booking

 - Preferred contact method is Skype, especially for international clients. If you do not have a Skype account it is very easy and free to set up. Once set up I will add you as a contact - which you will then need to confirm before our counselling call session.

 - Prior to the counselling session I will email you an intake form. To be completed and returned 24 hours prior to the call session. This information is private and confidential and is held securely in my office; Camden, NSW

I welcome you to contact me to see how I may be of assistance to you

I Know What You're Capable Of, Sincerely...

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