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As each of us travels on our journey of life, we encounter many experiences... Unique to each of, some of these experiences lift us up and bring us great joy. But some test us, bring us down, leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, depressed, grief stricken, confused, scared or alone.

No one should ever have to feel helpless or alone.

Counselling is a means of gaining support and guidance through challenging times and can positively assist anyone who makes the choice to seek help, clarity and direction.

So many people struggle through problems, issues and experiences for a long time before seeking any help. Many believing it's a sign of weakness, or that maybe the problem will just go away. One thing for sure is that problems never go away, they may remain dormant but in some way, sometime they will surface. I believe 100% that presenting for counselling is a sign of strength, a choice and decision that you are ready to change or work through whatever has been holding you back or causing you pain. You may not know how you'll do it but that's where the counsellor steps in. To guide you and help you find ways to successfully work through, implement new ideas, thoughts, tools and information that will lead you to resolution and moving forward. Not only providing help for the specific problem you present with but also giving you the tools and knowledge to work through any future problems or issues that arise. Because life is full of unexpected events and changes, but when you become equipped and empowered to handle and work through difficult or challenging times; life takes on a whole new meaning.

There is much we can learn and apply through our own personal research; looking for ways to improve the quality of our lives and through consistent personal development work, hence the reason for this website. To provide helpful tools, resources and information for people to apply and do in their own time and space. There are times though when we need assistance, someone to guide us through, help us to see what where missing - this is where an individual counselling session is of great benefit - working with you one on one - helping to heal, to grow, to learn and to move forward into a life of love, meaning and joy.

You deserve to be happy and live your life to the fullest!

I welcome you to contact me to see how I may be of assistance to you

I Know What You're Capable Of, Sincerely...

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