Little Shifts - BIG Changes

BIG changes can come from little tiny shifts.

A new thought,
A small decision, 
An extra action,
Removing something unhelpful, negative or that you truly don’t want to do,

Little tiny shifts acted on consistently can create BiG changes.

Think about how little things (unhelpful, negative things) creep in & slowly but surely become habits, almost automatic actions & thoughts. We easily create those without much thought, imagine what we could create with a little inspiration, motivation, mindfulness & action.

Imagine changing some of the little things...
✅ No more choc chip muffin for breakfast (that was me) replacing it with green juice, fruit. (My muffin top alerted me!)
✅ A maximum of 1 hour of TV a day for relaxing instead of spending hours on the couch, watching but not really watching cause your thinking about all you have to do, stuck in overwhelm or just trying to escape or avoid something
✅ Choosing to feel joy each morning instead of diving in deep when you open your eyes into those worrying thoughts you went to bed with last night,
✅ Going to bed thinking about your gratitudes instead of those worrying thoughts you usually jump into bed with (just waiting to pounce in the morning... again)
✅ Setting up a regular meetup with an inspiring friend to talk about the joys & possibilities, instead of coffee filled with gossip, life’s hard or can you believe she said....
✅ Being proactive looking for solutions, believing instead of sinking into ‘why me’
✅ Facing something, dealing with it before it gets so big & overwhelming,
✅ Asking for help instead of trying to do it all yourself. I know there are many things/chores we can delegate.
✅ Reading one chapter or page a day of a great self-help book, instead of thinking I don’t have time to stop & read... just 5 minutes...

The list is endless...

These little shifts, choices, actions, will lead to creating a happier life & BIG changes that are welcoming, healthy & beneficial.

What little shift could you make starting today...
Once you decide, find a way to remind yourself to do it daily & before you know it 6 months will have passed & you’ll find yourself in a much different, happier space.

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