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Personal Development for Life - Cherish the Moment
June 08, 2016

Cherish your Now

One of the regular topics I write about is being present. Living consciously in the now.

I'm sure you'd agree that so many people spend their time, their thoughts, their energy focused on the past or on the future.

And it’s no secret that now is all we have, now is where the magic happens, now is where change takes place.

Maybe you are one of the many people who find themselves consistently thinking of the past or future, as I did too many years ago. If so, the great news is your reading this now, now you can change it, now you can choose to focus on the present. Now is the moment. Using what you have right now to start creating change. To start living consciously in the present, being mindful, being active in creating beautiful moments and the future you desire and deserve. For this moment creates your next moment and ultimately shapes your future.

- Relationships struggle or breakdown so often by couples consumed with the past. Doubts, worry, fear of all the things that went wrong or seemingly failed. So easily do we get angry, shut down, put up walls, stay silent in fear of reliving past painful experiences.

- Families stop communicating over events from the past, sometimes for months, decades, even a lifetime. Some on their death bed get to finally open up, forgive, re-connect and have peace.

- Careers, inspiration, creativity, dreams of owning your own business doing something you love, often never get off the ground due to fear, what if's and thoughts from our past. Doubts from what others (mostly non experts) have said over time.

The list is endless of how much our past (leading to fears of a possible similar future) affect us and stop us in our tracks. But it is done, it cannot change.

But we can.

It is true some have experienced such a painful, traumatic past that many of us couldn't imagine. Experiences, Images and feelings deeply ingrained in their minds that are hard to shake. But there is always hope, there are magnificent stories, biographies sharing in depth journeys to triumph. Limitless free online resources and Professionals that can help people move through these experiences. To finally be free to live the glorious life they were meant to live. And the same is true for you, no matter what you've experienced.

Right now you can choose to focus on your now, on all that is good, all that you can contribute and do.

Embrace what was, take with you all you can learn from past experiences, seek guidance and help and give yourself the gift of being present. Living fully in this moment. With excitement, with hope, with belief that you can create a life you love. Partnered by action, commitment and sheer determination. Even simply starting with "they did it, I can too". They being the millions of triumphant stories, experts and those who inspire, motivate and live by example, every day.

I am sitting right now on my back porch, the rain is bucketing down. It is glorious, relaxing. I am fully present enjoying the rain and my passion of writing. Where is your mind at right now? If it's in the past or future, bring it back to now. Look around you and see what's right in front of you, what's glorious, what's possible and smile.

Because you are the master of your ship, the captain of your mind and you hold the power to fully embrace right now.

Now is where you can take action, just be, live and experience the amazing adventure we call life.

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