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Personal Development for Life - Personal Resilience and Why You Need it Now
February 08, 2016

Personal Resilience

and why YOU need it NOW

Life is full of new and unexpected events and experiences, some can be very traumatic and stressful and out of our control. Our control - our part is how we feel about it, how we respond, how we handle it.

Resilience enables you to pick yourself up and move forward often stronger than before. It gives you the ability to think clearly, find acceptance for the things you cannot change, the ability to adapt to change, the resources and strength to get back up when life knocks you down and the ability to productively and positively help with life's obligations and challenges.

Resilience is a tool that anyone can learn and apply. Like all new skills it requires patience as you learn and integrate new ways of thinking. Remember we weren't born with any of the self-defeating behaviours, patterns or thoughts that govern our experiences, we learnt them. So we can certainly learn new ones that promote resourcefulness, happiness, peace, love and fulfilment. One step at a time.

Resilience doesn't remove the emotions and feelings, we can still feel initially angry, afraid or upset amongst many other emotions. What resilience does is help us look at the big picture, respond not react, understand from other people's points of view, accept and make conscious informed decisions with the ability to find and draw on all available resources. It helps us to see the light and the hope so as not to get stuck in misery, fear and feelings of helplessness or victimisation.

The best time to start is now. Even if things are great because life is full of surprises. If you build it now - it will be there for you when you need it most.

The Key Points to Building Personal Resilience

Personal Responsibility



Quality Questions

Deal with it Now, Don't Dwell or Ignore

Positive Affirmations

Good Support Team

Responding v's Reacting

Reacting has it's place, if you can imagine needing to think quickly to get out of the way or remove your hand after touching something really hot but when it comes to most human interaction responding is the wiser, positive, productive choice.

Reacting is a reflex, there's not much thought, generally it's based on limited information, jumping to conclusions or self-defense.

Responding comes from love, a concious choice with thought to understanding, seeing the bigger picture, taking personal responsibility, gathering all the information and looking for a fair resolution.

"When you react you are giving away your power. When you respond you are staying in control of yourself"

Bob Proctor

Personal Resilience

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