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Personal Development for Life - Growing a Greater You
November 05, 2017


It's been over 10 years now since I discovered my passion for Personal Development. I can't remember when it started exactly, I just remember a feeling of waking up one morning and thinking there had to be more. Surely we weren't on this earth to struggle, suffer, to just exist going through the motions, it was that moment & feeling my PD quest began.

PD is a continual practise of growth, a life long journey because there is and always will be room for growth in this ever changing, evolving world. The more you grow, the more you realise the possibilities, potential and learning is limitless. Which is super exciting to me as I think of how far I've come, how far we've all come. With the greatest curiosity & desire to see how far I can, we can and will go while here on this earth.

So I thought I'd share a list of things to consider on your PD journey, your magnificent journey of a lifetime.

Now it's worth noting that in your PD journey not only do you grow and enhance your life, but also the lives of others, because as you grow and enhance your life you naturally become an example and inspiration to all those around you. That is a beautiful gift to yourself, those you love and to the world.

1. Start living in the present moment, your now. For now is all there is, now is the only moment change can happen and miracles can occur. We need to catch ourselves and bring ourselves back to the present moment when ever we find our minds stuck in our past misery and failures or worrying about the future that hasn't happend yet. I'm all for visiting the past and future but only if it's to learn and grow. The rest is a waste of our mental energy.

2. Set an intention, make a commitment, start now. You can hear and read all the greatest self-help techniques & articles in the world but without intention and commitment it won't sink in. Really get excited and embrace the changes and journey you are about to embark on. This is your life! What's possible for you? Whatever you believe is. You can start small but just as long as you start.

3. Start a journal. Get in touch with your thoughts, dreams, goals and feelings. It's a great way to raise your self- awareness and develop emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is about becoming aware of your triggers, stresses and emotions so that you can learn how to control them and change your state of being.

4. Be mindful of who you spend your time with. Invest your time with those who inspire, encourage, support and motivate you. I know there are some people we can't remove from our lives (family in particular) but you can limit your time with them and not take onboard what they say. There's a great saying "when you take onboard another's opinions you take onboard their lifestyle"

5. Join a group of like minded people, a community, a tribe that grows together, inspires, encourages, shares and supports one another (in whatever area is of interest to you, they can be online or offline)

6. Read, read, read as much as you can. From great PD books to PD articles, there's always time to fit in 1 article or a chapter a day.

7. Find a mentor; in person or online. Someone you admire and lives a life you desire. See what they do, what they read, who they follow, learn, listen and apply from those who have already achieved what you desire to achieve and truly walk their talk.

8. Meditate. Meditation is one of the greatest tools to take you beyond the minds noisy chatter, to just be, to create an inner state of peace, joy, calm and tranquility or to discover the answers to any questions you may have.

9. Find a hobby, something just for fun doing something you love or would love to do. We don't play enough or do enough of the things in life that simply bring us joy.

10. Create an attitude of gratitude. Implementing a daily gratitude practise is one of the most powerful and simplest ways to transform your life. Acknowledge all you are grateful for and you will start to notice so much more that you are or can be grateful for.

11. Create a personal mantra. A word, saying or phrase that is meaningful and inspirational to you. One that you can draw on everyday. I always encourage printing it out and pinning it up where you'll see it everyday to remind you.

12. Self-care. We are all way to busy for our own good, it's super important to make time for you. Time out to just be, to do something nice, relaxing, fun, creative or healing for you. Self-care is a must and also includes improving our quality of sleep, drinking more water, the foods we eat and the things we feed our minds.

13. Learn something new. A new skill, language, craft or go back to school. Is there something you've longed to study, learn? A new career, or starting your own business?

14. Get active. Find an exercise that you love. When it feels like a chore it won't last long so find something you really enjoy. It may be walking, yoga, swimming, bike riding, exercise classes, dancing, canoeing the list is endless. Put on your headphones to songs that motivate you, pump you up and get out there; live it, love it, do it. Find a sport/support buddy and do it together. I run a wonderful Women's Walk and talk group, your welcome to join if your in my area or find an awesome local group near you. If one doesn't exist ask me how to start your own.

15. Find yourself a Coach. Someone to walk with you, guide you, support, encourage, teach and hold you positively accountable to your goals and dreams and creating the life you desire.

16. Learn to embrace you. Every part of you. This is a big one but really look deep within and work through all those parts of you you have deemed unlovable or bad. How are they justified? Who did you listen too? The mirror exercise I share in my E-Course 'Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self' is a great exercise. Walk up to your mirror everyday and say I love you. Say it again and again until you do, if you struggle as many do when they start this exercise ask yourself the questions above. And remember who is anyone to tell you your not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. No one! And please speak to a professional if you uncover anything that is upsetting for you, in this day and age no one should ever have to suffer in silence, help is always available.

17. Consistency is key. Even if on some days you only do a little.

Always remember your personal development is your journey, you have within you all you need to create an incredible life, to become your most beautiful authentic self, sometimes we just need direction, a place to start until we can tap into the power and potential of our own minds. Remember how far you've come, acknowledge and celebrate your achievements (BIG and small) and above all enjoy the journey, for it is yours and you are beautiful, loving, loved, capable and worthy of a magnificent life.


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