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Personal Development for Life - Monday Morning Motivator
July 30, 2017

Good morning & Welcome to today's short & sweet Monday Morning Motivator.

I would also like to take a moment today to share something with you. My emails have been a little erratic over the last month or so, as I have been in the midst of a massive renovation & upcoming house move. This renovation came about from the very poor health of my mum & circumstances we didn't see coming. It has taken up most of my time; if I'm not sleeping or working in my business I'm at the house painting, sanding, plastering, cleaning & all those fun things that come with an entire house make over. The end however is in sight & I envisage in about 6 weeks we will be doing the big move & life will go back to some normality.

Till then I wanted to thank you so much for being one of my beautiful email subscribers & I look forward to getting back into my normal routine & sending out my regular emails with lots of love.

Wishing you all the most magnificent day & if ever you wish to reach me you can contact me via


Till next time; Have yourself an awesome day!


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