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Personal Development for Life - Are you limiting yourself by an old belief
July 30, 2016

Are you limiting yourself by an old belief?

How often do we question our beliefs?

How often do we just settle and accept 'that's just the way it is!

I'm sure you know that for way to many people, the answer is obvious. We don't question them, we just accept them.

A little while back I was listening to one of Anthony Robbins videos, where he shared a great analogy and story.

He talked about how he went to the circus with his family and there was a giant elephant. He described how the circus staff took the giant elephant, put a little rope around its neck and drove a stake into the ground so the elephant would stay put. Now it was clear that the elephant could have ripped down the entire tent without too much effort at all, but it didn't struggle, it didn't put up a fight. Why? because it was conditioned. From an early age (when they don't have the power yet) they take the baby elephant, put a big rope around its neck and drive a big stake into the ground. The baby elephant fights and fights until it decides I'm not capable of pulling this out. From there the elephant accepts the fact; its not capable, it doesn't try any more and just accepts that's the way it is.

I loved Anthony's analogy and story because it rings so true for many of us.

Anthony posed a question during the video asking viewers to look at an area of their life that was a limitation and to ask when did I decide to accept that limitation?

So naturally being the kind of person that can't resist a good question and a challenge! Especially one that requires some soul searching and leads to personal insight and development, I pondered the question. In quiet meditation I asked and areas of my life where I had been limiting myself showed up. With that new information I was able to look at how that came about, who did I listen too, how did I justify it and then most importantly, what could I do to change it and free myself from these limiting beliefs.

So when you get a spare moment, which often we feel is never

- So why not stop and ask yourself now;

"What areas in my life have limitations,

"When did I decide to accept that limitation and how can I free myself from it?"

A few ideas to identify and start to change your limiting beliefs;

- You can start to identify limiting beliefs by looking at areas you feel stuck, wish you could do, be and feel.

- Then look at the thoughts that come up by way of; excuses, justifications, fears, negative thoughts, what others have told you, past failures, common phrases and quotes you regularly say, or the story you tell about your life - Then question them. How did they come about? What experience did you place the meaning of (limiting belief) too? How is it justified?

- Then read, research, learn and brainstorm. Think about what you want to do, be and feel and then focus on how you can bring it into being. Look to those who have achieved what you desire, who live a life you desire to live.

As Albert Einstein said "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Remember; like any new way of thinking and being it requires repetition of thought and consistent actions.

There are millions of magnificent true stories of people from all over the world who have turned their lives around. Some from the most traumatic and amazing odds. So you can definitely do the same and create a life you love and a life that inspires.

If you get stuck or you're unsure I welcome you to contact me for a free breakthrough coaching session!

Are you limiting yourself by an old belief?

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