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Personal Development for Life - Motivation and how to keep it
January 28, 2017


and How to Keep It.

How many great thoughts, dreams or goals have you had, like;

Today I'm going to;

- Start walking every day (for what ever reason; to fit into that dress, to feel healthier, to loose a few kilos)

- Put into action my business plan (whether your just starting out, ready to implement something new or take your business to a whole new level)

- Spend more time with my kids, or

- Focus on my relationship...

The list is endless

Only to get distracted or allow that little voice in your head to fill you with doubt, fear or anything that stops you from getting started. Like; I'll just do this first or I have to get that done first. Then your too tired, the day is gone (but ofcourse you'll start tomorrow... yes good plan) Then you wake up 6 months from now and you still haven't started.

Now if this sounds like you, don't feel bad. You're definately not alone, I've certainly been there. In fact I'd say it's safe to say we've all been there at one point, with something or another.

Because it's the beginning of a brand new year, it's the most prominent time to have these new ideas, goals, thoughts and dreams. That fresh hope to do something, start something with the excitement and motivation to stick to it and see it through. With the greatest intention. But as I've said in previous posts as the days roll on and we get back into our routines, our motivation dwindles and yep you guessed it - 6 months or more can fly by and we're the same weight, our business idea is still a great thought in our mind, we still haven't pulled the board games out or planned a date night with our significant other.

So here's a few motivation tips to help you stay focused, excited and motivated.

1. Organisation

For me it all begins by feeling and being organised. When it comes to business, writing, creativity or anything you do in your home or office, if you don't have a good clean space to work in, it's hard to be motivated, energised or excited. Clutter does not help when it comes to being motivated. If we're talking about exercise, have a set time each day. Make it a non-negotiable. Find what works for you depending on your lifestyle and schedule; you may prefer the mornings, after dropping the kids at school, perhaps the evening is when you feel most motivated - whatever works for you (that's one less battle in your mind). What ever your planning to achieve and add into your day try pinning a daily planner or reminder on your wall so you regularly see it. You can even set an alarm on your phone with a fun message "Hey gorgeous it's time to walk". Lock in the date with your partner or children. Let them know tomorrow night is our night to.... what ever it is (play a board game, sit out under the stars & talk about your day, a movie night with your partner or dinner out somewhere fancy or even on a blanket in the backyard with a few tea lights - this is only limited by your imagination).

Find a scheduling/planning system that works for you. To take notes, schedule and remind you of what you need to or plan to do. It may be a physical diary/planner, an electronic planner and calendar, it may be a wall calendar in your kitchen, alarms or messages on your phone. Different things work for different people, for me I loooove to write, physically writing in a book/diary works for me because I really enjoy it, where as I have friends who are very technically minded and love typing and all the high tech tools (my kids would fall under this category too, I'm a little old school). So find the one you enjoy using the most.

2. Music

Do you have a song that really gets you motivated! Music can change your emotional state in an instant. This is such an easy one to fit into your day. When you've found your fabulous, motivating song - link it to your goal. Play it each day to not only get you pumped up and excited - motivated, but as a trigger/reminder of the specific goal you're aiming for. Allow the magic of music to motivate you and get you all fired up and ready for action.

3. Visualisation

This is a beautiful meditation, relaxing and inspiring. Use it to really connect to your desired goal and to raise your awareness. It's very simple all you need to do is take a few moments each day to sit quietly and comfortably. Start by taking notice of and feeling your breathe, slow deep breaths. As your body relaxes start to visualise, in your minds eye, yourself achieving your desired outcome. What does it look like, feel like? What do you notice? How does it enhance your life and the lives of those you love? Experience it using every sense you possibly can. For those who struggle with visualisation (as many do) I encourage you to practise, practise, practise. You may start out by imagining a movie scene you loved that encapsulates the feeling you want to experience or you may prefer to write down the experience if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in words. In this case write what achieving your goal looks like and feels like, answering the questions above as in the visualisation meditation.


"Where your attention goes - energy flows, where energy flows something grows"

4. Mindset

When it comes to motivation there's nothing more powerful than a positive mindset. As you go through each day working, planning and taking action, instilling new rituals and beneficial habits and beliefs on the way to your goal, take the time to regularly check in with your state of mind. How are you feeling? What are you thinking about? Be aware and mindful of your thoughts and of the things you tell yourself. Are you your best friend cheering yourself on or your worst enemy telling yourself you're not good enough, why bother, it's too hard, it won't work, I'll never.... on it goes. Feed your mind every day with information that inspires you and helps you to grow, so that you begin to re-train your mind to think in positive, productive ways and less in negative, self-defeating ways.

5. Support

Have a support buddy or support group. Having someone you can share your dreams, goals and plans with, someone who is supportive, encouraging and wants to see you succeed; is I believe a must. Together you can hold each other positively accountable, lift each other up if one is not feeling up to 'it' today and really help each other get excited and stay excited about whatever it is your aiming for.

6. Celebrate

Many of our goals require lots of little stepping stones. Small actions required on a regular basis to get you where you want to go. For eg; if your saving for something, have a weight loss goal, a business idea to get off the ground. There are lots of little steps required to get there. Celebrate your steps along the way. Don't right it off as nothing - focused on where you're currently at and the end result; being that you haven't got there yet - you're on your way and these steps are required to get there. So acknowledge them, pat yourself on the back, treat yourself. This is where your support buddy is also great; to cheer you on and celebrate all your little steps along the way.

7. Take Regular Breaks

To stay focused, excited and motivated it's important to schedule in breaks. There are so many peak performance posts on this stating time frames; work for this long - stop, work for that long - stop; DO whatever feels good for you. As long as you have a set time to say "between 00:00 and 00:00 I will work solid then take 00:00 time off then back into it". You cannot stay on the top of your game and feel inspired, motivated or positive if you grind yourself into the ground. There are days depending on what you're doing where (if we're really honest) you'll push yourself because you're super excited and everything is flowing, which is fine - but as a general rule - you need to schedule in a break and give your mind a rest.

8. Sleep

To function properly, to think clearly, to feel motivated, to have the energy required to do what we need to do and want to do - a good nights sleep is a non-negotiable.

9. Just Do It

What more can I say! Nike coined the phrase but it works... Sometimes we just have to say 'Just do it' then (as L'Oreal coined the phrase) we can add "Because I'm worth it"

Whether we go for our dreams or don't, is always a choice. If it really means something to you - you will find a way to achieve it, to stay motivated, so that you don't just become another statistic or one of the many who 'wish' but don't do, the many who 'dream' but don't take action (for whatever reason).

If you find yourself doubting and telling yourself "you can't" or any other phrase that slows you down or stops you, take a moment to look back over your life and acknowledge all the things you have already done, already achieved. Take strength from this and build you're belief that you are capable, you can do this just as you have many times in the past. You've got this! xxx

Motivation and How to Keep It

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