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Personal Development for Life - One of the Simplest ways to Transform Your Life
November 27, 2016

Today (well every Sunday) in all my Facebook groups and pages the focus is on gratitude!

So I thought I'd share a previous post with you because of the power Gratitude has. It really is one of the simplest most powerful ways to transform your life! Plus at the end I'd also like to share a wonderful 30 Gratitude Challenge I started today; if you'd like to take part!


I once remember reading:

"What if you woke up with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?"

A Great question, that really makes you think...

Gratitude is one of my favourite topics! It's simply the feeling of being thankful for something or somebody, and acknowledging it.

Acknowledging Gratitude consistently will help you shift your focus and centre your mind on thoughts and feelings that generate self-worth, abundance, capability, love, happiness, creativity and motivation. The feelings and emotions that will actually help you rather than those feelings and emotions that keep you stagnate, doubtful or stuck in fear.

When you shift your focus and start focusing on all you are grateful for; acknowledging everything from the little things (like the morning sun, a songbird or butterfly) to the big things (the health of your family, friends & loved ones) including all the people, experiences and things you are grateful and thankful for in each moment…. you will create and see even more glorious moments, possibilities and things to be grateful for.

That’s simply how the brain works – it sees what you notice regularly and believes it must be important to you, so it makes sure you see more of it (whether positive or negative)

It's easy to lose sight of all the wonderful people, moments and things in our lives and get stuck on all the things that may seem wrong, not done, painful, problematic or difficult. Without meaning to we can spend our time focusing on everything that doesn't seem perfect and miss seeing the multitude of things that are already.

I know it may seem easy to write ‘be grateful’ but how do you when you’re in distress, struggling or unsure of how you’re going to survive, change or choose differently. Gratitude is not only for the privileged. It can be found in the humblest conditions and the darkest hours and become a beacon of light to discover a new way, a new hope, and a new direction. Even if your gratitude starts small with acknowledging; I am grateful I am alive and have access to the resources that will help me get the help and direction I need.

“Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds” William Wordsworth

Via the link below you can check out a number of ways you can begin practising and acknowledging gratitude! Consistency is the key!

One of the Simplest most Powerful ways to Transform Your Life

Now for our 30 day Gratitude Challenge!

It began today via my Facebook group 'Personal Development for Women - Awaken Your Best Self. This is where I will be posting each day as we work through the challenge.

However I am sharing it here for those of you who are not on the page (of course you are more than welcome to join, sorry guys this page though is just for the women) if you would like to follow along just click on the link below; a special page I created on my website - as I will be posting each days topic and question here as well.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge - with a difference!

If you'd like to join the Facebook page & follow along there, the link is below.

Personal Development for Women Facebook

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