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Personal Development for Life - I Am Grateful For...
July 24, 2016

Hello again on this wonderful Sunday afternoon!

As I sat on my back porch this morning writing this (my favourite weekly post) I felt a tremendous joy just in the stillness of the moment. In noticing and seeing right in front of me (without searching or looking far) just how much I could be grateful for.

My sweet little cat was curled up right beside me, my partner and children all happily doing their thing inside, numerous birds chirping in the background, the flowers on my many plants. It was quiet, peaceful and such a wonderful moment being still and taking it all in.

While doing that I thought it would be great to share with you my favourite weekly post.

So much beauty and joy lies right before our eyes. But so often we sit continually focused on pain, all that needs to be done, why we're not good enough, have enough and all the other draining things that constantly fill our minds, that we don't see what's right in front of us. We get wound up, wired up, frustrated, depressed, sinking lower and lower and can't enjoy the stillness and peace that comes from just being and noticing all that is good.

I wish you the most wonderful day and encourage you to stop and be still for a moment. To really see all the beauty and joy that is right in front of you and to express gratitude for all of it.

In my weekly Sunday 'I Am Grateful For...' post I always encourage my readers to share their gratitudes in the comments. Because it is a beautiful thing to be able to share in other people's gratitude's and joy. Not only does it lift your spirits but you never know who might read it and how it might change their day and outlook on life!

So I encourage you also to share your gratitude's either via contacting me or heading over to my Facebook page to share with all! I'd love to hear them! The link can be found via the website page below.

I Am Grateful For

Below is just a small collection of my weekly 'I Am Grateful For...' Images

You can check them out and read them via the link above!

Never forget the power of gratitude, it is one of the most simplest ways to transform your life!

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