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Personal Development for Life - What is it your holding onto
October 22, 2017


It was 2009, I had learnt and grown so much. Life was good. But I wanted it to be better, I wanted it to be great! Something was missing, something was bothering me, keeping me stuck...

So I found myself sitting down one night and writing a poem 'What is it your holding onto?'

I wanted to dig deep and discover what I was holding onto, what it was that was holding me back.

We all have our reasons, thoughts, beliefs and countless experiences over the course of our lives that have led us to where we are today. In these beliefs, thoughts and experiences are the keys to moving from the life we experience to the life we want to experience. The life we were born to live; a life full of love, joy and meaning.

For me, in reference to my poem; 'IT' was all about relationships. I had divorced for the second time and 'IT' was all the guilt, shame and focusing on the fear that I wasn't good enough, that if I tried again I would fail. It was time to let 'IT' go, time to focus my energy on the life I had dreamed of living. It was time to focus on me and let go of the need to be in a relationship, embracing the belief that in time the right one would come but until then I would learn, live, love, explore and enjoy getting to know me.

What is IT your holding onto?

This is my Poem


You know what IT is

IT is there in your head

You carry IT all day

Then take IT to bed

IT is quite ugly

IT is draining & sick

IT is just something

IT can drown you quite quick

IT is so simple

IT is insignificant & small

But IT is blown up

To make IT greater than all

It's time to take IT

For all that IT is

To tell IT to be gone

To be quiet, it's Shhh-IT


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