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Personal Development for Life - Soul Wishes
January 22, 2017


A beautiful morning practise

I recently began a beautiful morning practise. I came across it in one of the many amazing emails I receive from some of the most brilliant teachers, motivators and spiritual leaders. My inbox is always chock-a-block full of fantastic, positive, uplifting, growth promoting material!

This one was by Dr Robert Holden. A psychologist, author and international speaker. He is also the founder of the Happiness Project, amongst many other wonderful things. And not to mention the author of one of my all time favourite books 'Shift Happens' A must read!

This simple practise, also a form of meditation is simply called 'Soul Wishes'

All you need to do is have a beautiful space, somewhere comfortable where you won't be disturbed. It could be in your office, bedroom, a place in your garden, the park or anywhere that makes you feel good. You may already have a special space set up for your spiritual practise you can use. Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes and you're ready to go.

Start by taking in a deep breath to connect consciously with your true self, your higher mind. Sit quietly focusing on your breath for around 30 seconds, then consider this question;

"What does my soul wish for me today?"

Don't think, just listen and receive. This may take a little practise as our minds are so use to running off, busy little things they are! so much to do... But keep practising so you can sit quietly and start to tune into your higher mind.

After 3-4 minutes complete the following sentence;

"My soul wishes for me..........."

I have received some beautiful, clear messages since starting this and I have no doubt with practise (if this is something new to you) that you will too!

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