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Personal Development for Life - May You
May 19, 2017

Hello and Happy Saturday,

Today I wanted to share with you a blog post I wrote, well it's almost a prayer - to all...

May You have the most amazing day!


You may not see how beautiful you are,

You may not realise how talented you are,

You may not know the gift that is you,

You may not think you have anything to offer,

You may not know the true impact your very existence has in the lives of those you meet, know & love,

You may not feel very lucky,

You may not notice all the magic, beauty & magnificence that surrounds you,

You may (I pray), but you may not?

As so many do not.

May I tell you; you are beautiful, talented, worthy, capable & amazing.

Your very presence makes a difference. You are precious, loving & loved.

You may have heard this many times & you may still not believe it,

You may have memories & thoughts of others telling you you're everything but beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing BUT always remember no one can affirm those things for you, NO ONE. These are merely the thoughts & opinions of others you have taken on board. The negative, hurtful, put downs, are reflections of those who utter such words. May you not take it on board, may you not believe it & be sucked into their struggles, pain, lack, insecurities & the lessons they need to learn.

Although, no matter how many times you may hear how beautiful, worthy, capable, amazing & precious you are, it will not ring true & reflect in your life till you truly believe it for yourself. May you believe it, for this is the truth.

May you take a moment in quiet meditation & think of the wonder that is you, in all that you are, all that you've achieved, all that you've tried & all that you do. In your quiet meditation may you think of all those who love you & need you. Along with all the little precious things that surround you; like the sounds of nature, laughter & may you feel it deep within your soul. May you say to yourself "I am beautiful, loving, capable, worthy & amazing" Say it again & again, everyday for as long as you have too, until it rings true. Until you can feel it & believe it with all your heart.

This post may be starting to sound like a broken record but these are the seemingly simple but powerful thoughts that shape the life you experience.

So may I remind you again (if you don't believe it already)

"May you know & believe you are beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing; you are. May you share that truth with all you meet, know & love. Through your words, actions & very presence, so they may feel it too ❤

May you be the shining light that you are; comforting, healing & bringing hope, love & joy to all those lucky enough to be in your presence.

May you.... ❤


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