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Personal Development for Life - You are beautiful
February 20, 2018


You are beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy.

These very words I didn’t believe myself for so long.

How do you believe it when you look around & your not like the cover girls you admire, the ones you think your boyfriends, partners expect you to be like. How do you believe it when you’ve been told your every thing but your whole life. How do you believe it when you feel average, when you feel like you haven’t accomplished much, let people down, done the wrong thing at times.

How do you believe....

The answer is simple but hard to accept... YOU ARE...

You are beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy of living a glorious life, shining so brightly & beautifully, being who you are, just as you are. You can learn & grow & always find ways to be better, do better, that’s growth but it doesn’t change the facts, that YOU already ARE...

Many years ago I questioned these things after not believing them for so long. I questioned them because I hated feeling less than, I hated comparing, I hated thinking these very things that made me feel miserable. In that time leading up to my questions I missed so much joy, so much growth, love & happiness. But during that time I got to see first hand that we are all beautiful, capable, amazing, worthy human beings. With so much to give, share, do, be & create.

We are all so unique, our appearance, our minds, our gifts. But that is what makes us special & yet all the same in a glorious way.

We are all on this journey of life, unique in all our experiences, & yet the same, we all want to love & be loved, we’ve been hurt, knocked down, heart broken, challenged but we are all here to live & be who we truly are in all its glory. Those who have hurt us are travelling on their own life path, some may sadly never get it, they may never see the opportunities to grow & become their very best selves, to shine, share their gifts & contribute in the world, that is their journey. You are not responsible for their actions, their energy, their pain. These, as hard as it is sometimes to admit or acknowledge, are life’s lessons, & although there are some things we, as humans may never comprehend, each lesson, experience is helping us to grow, teaching us something we need to know, learn, embrace, forgive, break through. Each lesson can help us become stronger, more courages, more loving, more forgiving, more joyful, more giving. Expanding our thoughts & minds to a greater awareness of love for ourselves & all human kind.

We are born beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy, this so often becomes so tarnished as we travel through life facing things, experiencing things, that show us everything but love, being loved & accepted as the beautiful, capable, amazing, worthy human beings we are.

We must go back to that innate, beautiful knowing, thought & feeling. It takes courage, strength, forgiveness & so much love, it can leave us feeling vulnerable but isn’t it worth the gift that comes.

That is embracing, loving & being who you truly are, living life as you truly are, authentically, because with that comes so much freedom, so much joy, so much love.

Early on in my journey when I began to question these things, when I began to look, learn, study & finally get to know me I began to question who is anyone to tell me that I am anything but beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy? Who? The answer was no one, but me. I told myself I wasn’t, I believed because I took onboard the opinions & comments of others, because I compared myself to others who I believed the world deemed perfect, right & all the things I wanted to be, thought I should be. I told myself, I believed it, until I realised I didn’t have to, I had the power to choose, I had the power to listen, take onboard, feel miserable, lack, doubt, helpless, hopeless, but I also had the power to believe I could do anything, that in my own unique way I was beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy to create & live a life full of love, joy & meaning.

The truth is we all have the power to choose, to believe what ever we tell ourselves, no one else can make it real or make it our truth. We allow it to be.

If you have doubted, if you have beaten yourself up for years, if you have struggled to see the beauty within you, allow me to share with you my e-course for Women ‘Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self, because right now & in the E-Course I will tell you often “ You are beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy” giving you the tools to discover it for yourself. Then you just have to do the work to believe it for yourself, no one can do that for you. They can certainly guide, support, encourage & show you the way but you must choose to believe it. You can find all the details via this link: Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self

Celebrating You- Awaken Your Best Self E-Course for Women

If you can, for all these years believe all the negative, you can certainly turn things around, discover, learn, know & believe the truth that YOU ARE...

I would encourage you from this moment on to not let anyone allow you to think otherwise, remember that they too are going through their own struggles, traumatic life experiences, they are not yours to carry or take onboard.

As I sat one night in a forgiveness meditation I saw all those who had hurt me, I saw all the times I hurt myself, I choose to forgive myself, I choose to forgive everyone, sending them love & wishing them well. Allowing me to move on into the glorious life I wanted to create for myself & my family, wishing for them that they would too but never allowing it to ever drag me down again.

If you can believe this very truth that YOU ARE, always have been; beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy, the world opens up for you, the Universe will show you in so many ways that it is true & thus you will create & live a life full of love, joy & meaning.

You can start today by making this your daily affirmation, your new mantra; “I am a beautiful, capable, worthy, amazing human being” Say it everyday, as you do the work, say it again & again & again until you believe it to be true & you will give yourself, your loved ones & the world the greatest gift- YOU.

You are beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing

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