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Personal Development for Life - I am grateful for
January 18, 2016

Every Sunday I post on my Facebook page

"I Am Grateful For"

I'd like to share this particular Sunday's post with you.

Sunday 17th January 2016

Sunday's :)

A beautiful day to relax, unwind, catch up or do whatever you please! And a great time to reflect on the past week and everything we learnt, did and where (or could be) grateful for!

If you’ve been around this page for a while (and I thank you :) ) you'd know I'm an advocate for daily gratitude. Because this simple but powerful exercise can really improve the quality of your life.

I know there are many people that think “my life's tough, I have so many problems. How is thinking about gratitude going to change or do anything?”

I hear you loud and clear. Life can be tough. Sometimes everything seems hopeless. But the only way out of that is to start focusing on what’s good, what’s right, what’s possible and to start productively working on fixing, changing or learning about ways to move forward.

And getting yourself in a good state of mind is the only way to start getting productive, hopeful and the energy to do what needs to be done.

Gratitude is the easiest way to do this.

It’s hard to feel down when you’re focused on all the beautiful people in your life, all the things that make your day easier, better, brighter. We can all come up with a list if we allow our minds to go there!

From that state of mind we raise our vibration, lift our spirits and can then look at taking positive action! Even if we don’t know how or where to start there’s an abundance of material out there to help us on our way. No matter our situation or starting point.

This isn’t about being all ‘positive, head in the clouds, airy fairy or Pollyanna’. You deserve to live a joyful, meaningful life and gratitude will play a major role.

So I encourage you, as always to acknowledge your gratitude’s today! You can share it in the comments below, but even if you don’t; acknowledge them to yourself and share them with the people you love. Make them feel loved and appreciated too!


I know that was a rather long post, but I wanted to share it with you and invite you to my page to add your gratitude's each week.

But as I mentioned above; even if you don't I encourage you to atleast acknowledge them to yourself and share them with the people you love!

Till next time, I wish you the most wonderful evening :)


I welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback

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