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Personal Development for Life - I found myself procrastinating
April 17, 2018

A very big hello on this glorious Monday,

It's been just over a month since my last newsletter, sad but true. I am in the midst of a massive shift & life change & honestly a sprinkle of procrastination too!

So before another day goes by (as my original email began with Happy Friday!) I wanted to jump on & share my thoughts & get back into the swing of things, because even though my current life changes are huge, there will always be things happening, things changing, unavoidable, unexpected things... Life must go on. We can certainly take time out & should, but if we stop for too long we get stagnate or forget the incredible mission, dreams or goals we have & desire.

So here goes my friends...

I found myself procrastinating...

- Sending another email, do folks even read them now, when most of what is shared via a newsletter is in the pages of my Facebook groups & pages.

- How can I make it (my newsletter) different, better, more impactful... again allowing the procrastination to stay around a bit longer...

The truth is I had beaten the old procrastinating game some time ago. Just get in there & get it done. Tweek, learn, improve & perfect as you go. Good, done, next.

But I’ve found myself there once again, questioning the value, the time & effort, questioning myself...

Like all good habits we kick to the kerb some come back from time to time to rear their ugly heads. Usually when we are feeling low, not living in the moment & discover we’ve drifted off into past & future worries (another habit, for another day). But this is where conscious living comes into play. Being aware of what’s happening, how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking about & focusing on.

So as I was quickly brought to this awareness (good old reminder really) I thought I’d better quickly pick back up & get back to doing what I love to do. That is sharing valuable information in all its beautiful forms, in particular, today, being a newsletter.

So firstly I would like to apologise & secondly I would like to thank you for being on my email list. One thing I do treasure is those who have taken the time to subscribe & be apart of something, I believe to be grand & of the utmost importance to our entire existence on this planet; our personal development & growth. Through that everything becomes possible, brighter, happier, even though it often brings up challenges & feelings we’d prefer to avoid, it pushes us to learn & grow & become our beautiful, most, authentic selves.

And thirdly to wrap up my email today I’d like to share a link to a wonderful book that has become freely available on YouTube. Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘The Universe has your back’ I believe you will enjoy this one & find so much value you can apply to your daily life & personal growth.

Wishing you all the most magnificent day

Love Karen

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