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Personal Development for Life - Reach Out
December 16, 2015

Reach Out

People need People

We are, by nature relationship orientated. We need to feel connected, loved and supported.

At this beautiful time of year when many of us are excited, shopping, planning, cooking and preparing to bring our family and friends together, there are many who feel more alone than ever.

As a volunteer lifeline telephone counsellor I took many a call just from people who needed to talk. Needed someone to listen. Someone to connect with.

Loneliness is heartbreaking, but it doesn't have to be that way. So the message here is simple and sincere. Reach out. People can't read our minds.

If you’re feeing alone allow me to encourage you to reach out. There are so many groups; support groups, social groups, sport groups of all fitness levels, interest and hobby groups, business and personal. All happy to welcome newcomers with love and enthusiasm.

Find something that interests you, lights you up and inspires you. Something that makes you feel alive and connected.

Remember it always starts with you.

Below is a list of possible places to look.

- Facebook is full of every interest and group you can image. Setting up an account is free, then simple type in your interest in the search bar!

- Toastmasters is a brilliant way to meet people and learn communication skills

- Your local club or sports club

- Meet up is a brilliant website full of groups that meet and share a common interest and passion

- Penpal world is another great website to connect with people across the globe.

- Take a course at a local Colleague, Tafe or University. Languages, cooking, car maintenance. There are literally thousands.

- Dancing classes, gyms, yoga and meditation groups

- Google something that interest you. For e.g. Bonsai Association, Remote Control Planes, Coin Collectors, Cake Decorating to find out where they meet.

Or simply reach out and connect with an old friend just to say hello.

The list is endless. If your having a tough time and need specific assistance regarding a health or personal issue and need to connect with professionals and people going through a similar experience - please check out my reference and resource page for some helpful links.

No one should ever have to feel alone in this day and age.

So I encourage you to get out there, connect and feel the love that is available to us all.

P.S If you know someone you think may be feeling alone, I encourage you to reach out as well. It's a beautiful gift to know someone cared enough to reach out.

All website links available at:

Reach Out

I welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback

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