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Personal Development for Life - May your heart and mind be filled with love and gratitude
August 13, 2017

A very big hello to you on this beautiful Sunday evening.

As many of you may know I have been in the process of a massive renovation for the past 4 months. Today has been another big day, onsite; painting, scrubbing, cleaning, moving, lifting & as I sit outside now relaxed, showered & warm ready for a good sleep (as I'm kind off aching all over) my thoughts are focused on gratitude.

There are a million things in this world that are sad, bad & wrong. We can (& many do) spend our time focused & thinking about all that didn't happen, that went wrong, that should never of happened & so on, but what good does it do us? Absolutely none, in fact it is harming us more than we know. We cannot change the past only the present, only this moment. And it is in each moment that we create our next moment & next & thus our future. So tonight I thought I'd share a list of the gratitudes that come to mind as I sit here happy, calm & peaceful & I welcome you to really think about yours.

I'd also add that although some may feel that this is a bit Pollyanna thinking & that we cannot ignore the bad things & atrocities that happen in our world, I believe if we all play our part in lifting our spirits, lifting the spirits of others & giving in any way we can (by donating, charity work, through many causes, the various forces (serviceman & service women) being kind) we contribute to making a difference in this world & that is something we can all do & be grateful for ❤

At the end of this post I'll share the link to my own little fund raising program & welcome you to jump onboard; all that is required is a minute of your time uploading a photo that makes you smile 😊 Full details found on the page (via the link below)

My gratitude list;

- The lovely hot coffee I'm having

- My warm, cozy dressing gown

- My partner whose already snug & asleep in bed.

- My children all snug & happy in their rooms

- The pizza takeaway that was made for me as I drove through town on my way home to tired to cook

- The nice man who served me at the counter

- The money I have for such things

- My home, my gas heater & all the comforts I once took for granted

- The men & women in the Police force, Army, hospitals that keep us safe & help us when in need

- For the beautiful Facebook I run & all its glorious talented, caring, loving, beautiful members. For without them our group wouldn't exist

- For my little cat angel

- For my wonderful Women's Walk & Talk group each Monday morning to start my week off so beautiful

- For every one of my beautiful email subscribers; you <3

- To my wonderful friends, my Power Posse &

- Although right now my life is busier than it has ever been before with so much to do renovating a run down home due to my mothers illness I am grateful that I can restore it for her & take care of it like I promised her. When she was still of sound mind this gave her so much joy to know I would live there & look after her house, the place she treasured, where so many beautiful memories were made, the place she called home xxx

Last but not least to my wonderful partner, sons, brother in law & beautiful sister Sandra (affectionately known as Tiger) who are all helping in this mammoth renovating journey.

Gratitude can lift you from your darkest moments & lighten your soul. It will fill you with so much joy & love that you can & will be more, do more & become a beacon of light that the world desperately needs xxx

May your heart & mind be filled with so much love & gratitude ❤

PS As mentioned here is the link to my SHARE WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE - FOR A GREAT CAUSE Not only does it make you feel good you'll also be helping to put smiles on the faces of those who need it most ❤❤❤

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