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Personal Development for Life - FREE PDF For You - Dream Plan Action Mini Workbook
June 11, 2015

Free PDF - Dream, Plan, Action Mini Workbook

Everything begins with a vision of something better!

For those of you who wish to; do more, live more, dream, create and achieve but maybe need a little structure or direction I’d like to give you my FREE PDF mini workbook – Dream, Plan, Action.

I created this tool many years ago and have used it to achieve specific things in my own life: Publishing my first book, Creating my Counselling and Coaching practise, even creating the loving relationship I enjoy today.

Many of my clients have also enjoyed using this tool to create a vision and action plan to achieve specific things in life that are meaningful to them.

“CLARITY is POWER; The more clear and specific you are in what you want – the faster your brain can get you there” Anthony Robbins

Click on the link below to get instant access to your free Dream, Plan, Action Workbook today!

Enjoy, dream, create and believe YOU CAN! Dream Plan Action Workbook

I welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback

Karen Offord is the author of 'Dare to Dream, Your Journey of a Lifetime'. She is an author, blogger and professional counsellor - helping men and women who desire to make positive changes in their life by providing an abundance of information, tools and resources - so they can experience, enjoy and live the life they desire and deserve, full of love, hope and joy. I welcome and encourage you to also visit and upload a happy photo to: Acknowledging the simple things in life that make you smile. In doing so you also help someone in need by way of my wonderful sponsors donating $1 to charity for each happy :) photo uploaded :) Full details found on the page. With sincerity, hope and gratitude - Thank You :)
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