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Personal Development for Life - How do you go to bed each night?
December 10, 2016


Odd question, why would I ask! Well because a good night’s sleep is as vital to our health and ability to function; as air, food and water is to live.

So many of us have night time rituals that are so ingrained, we do them automatically, unconsciously. The issue is that many of these are not in our best interest or conducive to a good night’s sleep and creating the life we desire. So many of us are on auto pilot, just going through the motions, programmed to do what we’ve always done, or instilling and strengthening poor habits over time with consistency and no conscious thought.

As with any area of life, by looking at specific things we can begin the process of change. Without this awareness and inventory of our thoughts and actions it remains the same. As the old saying goes "when nothing changes nothing changes"

So let me first paint you a quick picture, A long, long, long time ago I would go to bed exhausted, run down, stressed. After numerous coffees, a scull of Pepsi Max, some chocolate, and a mind full of worries, I'd crawl into bed. My mind ticking over "He said, she said, why did that happen, I can't afford...., it's hopeless, life sucks", on and on. The list was long, my body was heavy and the circles under my eyes were dark. I was restless, unhappy, focused on everything seemingly bad, sad and problematic. I woke up feeling the exact same way and just picked up where I left off the night before. The cycle continued for years.

So not a very pretty picture I'm sure you'd agree! Now I fall into bed with the utmost peace, with a drink of water and a happy, peaceful mind. As soon as I lay my head on my pillow or after I share a few magic moments with my partner (wink, wink) I give thanks for everything in my life. I send loving energy to those I know & to the world, then it's straight into my nightly gratitude ritual. Thinking of and acknowledging all the beautiful things I am grateful for - people, places, experiences, even little objects in my home that make life sweeter and easier; drifting off to sleep with a smile.

So how do you go to bed every night? When the sun goes down and your day is winding up what do you focus on, what do you do?

Do you crawl into bed exhausted, worried, stressed, finding it hard to drift off?

Do you find yourself waking up in a funny, uncomfortable position asleep on the lounge after dozing off watching TV or doing paperwork (with your iPhone or laptop still on your lap) and then drag your sore body off to bed at some crazy hour?

Do you wait till your partner is asleep to avoid any confrontation or request (yes, this is a real one for many)

Do you read something inspiring, uplifting and positive?

Do you practise meditation?

Do you drink a nice herbal tea and sit quietly in beautiful contemplation?

Do you go to bed at the same time each night allowing for a good 7-8 hours rest?

Do you run around like a chook without it's head trying to get everything ready for the next day?

Do you ask for help so that you're not doing everything, feeling resentful, exhausted and unhappy?

It really is an important question to ask, to think about because it can make a big difference in your life.

We have so many rituals, things that we do on a regular basis, things that have just become habits - some good, some not so good.

You may never have stopped to think about it,

So I hope this inspires you to take an inventory of your thoughts and actions each night. To take note of how you feel, what you focus on. And if it doesn't bring you joy, if you find your waking up tired, in an unhelpful, unhappy state of mind, start looking at what you can change, replace and do to feel more energised, happy and inspired. Lack of sleep and a good night’s rest leaves you vulnerable to so many problems and over time can lead to chronic health problems. Not to mention we simply cannot function properly let alone to the best of our ability when we are overtired and not getting the rest our bodies and minds need.

Below is a list of my positive nightly rituals, routines and even things I won’t do to ensure a good night’s rest. But I will add first I understand everyone is different; something's will resonate, some won't. The key is working out what lights you and what would be beneficial for you. These are simply my nightly rituals or things that help make my night & getting ready for bed happier & healthier.

I choose not watch the nightly news & fill my head with life's drama & trauma. I believe if I need to know the information will get to me & I can then respond accordingly.

I choose not to watch anything horror, gory or miserable (day or night).

I meditate each night, sometimes for a moment, sometimes a half an hour. I may focus on nothing (just my breath to calm, quiet & bring peace to my mind) or on a specific question if I am in need of an answer or further learning.

I write every evening. My thoughts, any inspiration, blog posts, ideas, my plan for the following day.

I say my gratitude’s every night before I drift off to sleep.

I choose not to eat after 8pm (except on rare occasions like a party, or playing a board game with my kids after dinner we sometimes share a bowl of chippies)

I am very conscious of my thoughts & fill my mind each night with my positive affirmations, ones I have used for years. They have become so ingrained & hence pop up automatically throughout my day as well.

I send beautiful loving thoughts to my family, friends & the world.

I plan, prepare what I can - ready for the next day.

I stretch. Because I sit at a computer a lot, stretching is very important. I also have a tense and release practise that I do from time to time. Just lying on my bed working through my body tensing each part for a few seconds and releasing. It feels fabulous!

I drink water before bed and take a bottle in with me each night.

There are odd nights I push myself if I have something I need to finish, but most nights I go to bed at the same time to ensure I get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

Instilling positive nightly rituals (preparing for how you go to bed each night) can really set you up for a great night’s sleep and consequently a beautiful start to your day!

How do you go to bed each night?

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