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Personal Development for Life - Momentous Firsts the Second Time Around with Hundreds in Between
August 10, 2015

Momentous Firsts the Second Time Around

With Hundreds in Between!

When I began my blog some time ago my first post was titled 'Momentous Firsts'

It was significant for me and what I had just started but it was also written as encouragement for anyone faced with a challenge or something new. Its content was based on being able to draw on ones strengths, one's lessons, experiences and achievement from previous firsts along with drawing on the limitless resources available to help us.

Today that original momentous first post rang loud and clear as my youngest son went for his driving test. He was so nervous and doubt crept into his mind but I was able to help him through by reminding him how much he had practised, how he had done many new and often nerve racking things before and here he stood well prepared and capable for this new experience.

Taking hold of that knowledge helped him remain calm, breathe, stay focused and get through what is one of the most important things in a young man’s life, his license.

I am, as I write this, waiting patiently at the RTA for his return with the driving instructor but I know he will be ok.

He will still be nervous but he will draw on the knowledge and strength of the words I have shared and remember his consistent effort, determination, improvement, and ultimately his success in the past year of learner driving and how he has made it through many firsts before (at that time, they too seemed huge and nerve racking). I feel confident he'll pass because he is ready but no matter the outcome he has gone into it with a clear mind, a positive attitude and knowledge that he has prepared the very best he can.

This will be yet another first he can draw upon throughout his life. As he grows and bigger things, new experiences present themselves, he will be able to remind himself that he can - because he already has many times before in one form or another.

So today I thought I'd add the link to my very first blog 'Momentous Firsts'. Even though I now see its many flaws the message still rings true. I too have learnt an incredible amount from that first blog and made many changes (improvements) along the way, using that experience (amongst many) to learn and grow. Blog Momentous Firsts

I hope it brings you the comfort, strength and the necessary resources next time you find yourself facing something new instead of allowing your mind to uncontrollably run rampant, fill with doubt or become paralysed with fear and possibly not even seeing it through.

Our firsts are done but we can certainly use them and take away only that which will serve us in the present and propel us forward positively and productively. Leaving the rest behind, embraced as a memory of what was.

P.S He Passed!

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