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Personal Development for Life. What are you grateful for today?
February 10, 2015

What are you grateful for today?

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves!

Question: What am I grateful for today?

Ask yourself every single day. Gain an attitude of gratitude, create a beautiful, beneficial habit and watch how many more wonderful things appear that you can be grateful for and smile at.

Include the wonderful people in your life, the wonderful things around you that make your life easier and those little things that just put a smile on your face :)

Be sure to acknowledge and let the people you are grateful for know, and you'll put a smile on their face too :) Repetition creates habit. The greatest way to increase inner happiness (which we know also has wonderful health benefits) is to be aware and regularly acknowledge all the people, experiences and things you are (or should be) grateful for. The more you acknowledge them, the more you will see and the happier little Vegemite you will be :) Ok, for my overseas readers, that's just a very common Aussie saying "A Happy little Vegemite". No doubt my Aussie readers will automatically think of the jingle written many moons ago, before I was even born but we all know it - it puts a rose in every cheek :)

So today I am grateful for;

- My wonderful partner and my kids. They make me laugh and smile. Thank you Greg, Luke & Sammy :)

- I'm grateful for my sister and my friends. Thank you Tiger, Britt & Nik :)

- I am grateful for this glorious day, the job I have to go too, the car I have to get there and 4:30 when I've given my best and ready to clock off and head home.

- I am grateful for the wonderful home I have.

- I am grateful for the fabulous book I am reading. It's jamb packed with useful information, and the hundreds of other fabulous books waiting for me to read.

- I am grateful for my health, my energy, my passion and abilities.

- I am grateful for my wonderful business coach. Thank you Mahindra :)

- I am grateful for our wonderful morning coffee man! Thank you Spencer :)

It's easy to loose sight of all the wonderful people and things in our lives and get stuck on all the little things that may seem wrong, not done, problematic or difficult. Without meaning to we can spend our time focusing on everything that doesn't seem perfect and miss seeing the multitude of things that are already.

Be sure to give your kids and your partner or loved one a hug today and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life!

(never assume that they know)

I welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback.

Karen Offord is the author of 'Dare to Dream, Your Journey of a Lifetime'. She is an author, blogger and professional counsellor - helping men and women who desire to make positive changes in their life by providing an abundance of information, tools and resources - so they can experience, enjoy and live the life they desire and deserve, full of love, hope and joy.

I welcome and encourage you to also visit and upload a happy photo to Acknowledging the simple things in life that make you smile. In doing so you also help someone in need by way of my wonderful sponsors donating $1 to charity for each happy :) photo uploaded :) Full details found on the page. With sincerity, hope and gratitude - Thank You :)
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