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Personal Development for Life - How much unnecessary baggage do you carry around?
April 07, 2019

How much unnecessary baggage do you carry around?

Good morning & a very happy Monday to you,

With another glorious week ahead or new adventure as I like to call it I wanted to share a short message I shared with my beautiful tribe recently.

The message was: How many of us could lighten the load of the things we unnecessarily carry with us?

The things that do not serve us, are not for our highest good or the highest good of others, the things that do not bring us joy only hold us back, keep us stuck & not living fully in the present moment with love, joy & meaning. It’s no wonder our backs are soar, our necks ache, we get so many headaches, stress & a world of ailments, many would disappear if we lightened our load ❤️

You will know what you carry with you everyday by your thoughts, the stories you tell yourself & others, by your choices, your actions, your mental & physical clutter & ultimately by your life experiences.

Have a really good think about what you could drop, remove or let go of today to lighten the load? If you get stuck or unsure I welcome you to reach out for a free call with me, remember this is your life, don't waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling! You can reach me via my email or via the link below; Life Coaching

Till next time

To your success and loving the life you live.


The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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