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Personal Development for Life - Happy-Easter-2019
April 20, 2019

Happy Easter 2019

Hello there & a very happy Saturday to you,

I'm just sending through an email of my recent #lovethelifeyoulive quotes & thoughts to ponder (as mentioned in last weeks email)

Before I do I wanted to send my love & wish you all the most beautiful, safe Easter long weekend. No matter how you celebrate, may it be full of love, joy & meaning.

Alrighty, here are last weeks messages;

- "If you want to be happy, be grateful"

- "If you knew how powerful you were, nothing would stop you"

- "What can I give, do, be, feel, experience today? Answer; Whatever I choose"

- "Breathe with awareness, eat with awareness, talk with awareness, live with awareness"

- "Forgiveness only requires willingness & intention"

- "We create the world we live in, then we have to live in the world we create. But nobody ever said we can't change it & create a better one"

Enjoy & may I wish you all the most beautiful Easter long weekend,,

Till next time, to your success & loving the life you live!

Karen xxx

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