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Personal Development for Life - A Very Merry Christmas
December 24, 2018

A very big hello to you on this glorious Christmas Eve,

I wanted to take a moment to wish you & your families a very Merry, safe Christmas.

And share with you my Christmas wish & prayer,

May you enjoy this magnificent day & time of year with your family & friends, talking, laughing, sharing & connecting - with everyone giving their time & their love.

May gratitude fill your mind,

May you create the most beautiful memories,

May you enjoy & Celebrate You, your family & friends & all of lifes blessings & gifts,

May you be safe,,

And If things get a little hectic just take a few minutes to regather your thoughts along with a few deep breaths, shift your focus to gratitude & the reason for the season &

May you remember how beautiful, worthy, loving, amazing & capable you are,

I look forward to spending this precious time with my family & jumping back onboard soon, full of energy & excitement as we head into the final week of 2018 & begin to reflect & embrace the year we've had & start planning & getting excited for a new year, a new adventure & the next chapter in this magnificent journey we call life!

A very Merry Christmas again to you all!

With so much Love, Karen

And look out 2019 here we come!

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