It's OK
You are ready

How many times do you sit down and write, be it a blog post, a note, a heart felt letter, a plan, a list, only to find you screw it up, doubt yourself or press delete. Sometimes you feel like you can’t or won’t get the words right, the feelings out that you truly want to express. Sometimes no words come, the intention and thought is there but articulating it is another story. I feel like this sometimes, I definitely do this sometimes. In fact I have a whole list of drafts that are just sitting there, not good enough, half done or just with a heading....

How many times have you beaten yourself up for something you did that you wished you hadn’t or perhaps the other way around. Allowing it to plague your mind and grow in depth and intensity the more you think about...

I know it not only happens to me but others as well. Be it personal or professional, sometimes we just get stuck, sometimes we just stuff up. We have a thought we’re passionate about, an idea to express and then the words don’t come out right or at all.. in writing and conversations, whether it’s to your partner wanting to share, express or discuss something important, or wanting to share ideas at your work, ask for help, discuss something important with the kids. Even talking to a client, the list goes on. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, we get tired, emotional, have a rough day, hear some bad news, get thrown for a loop, again the list goes on.

So let’s just start by making it clear, it’s ok - phew, pressures off.

We mess up, we fail at things, we don’t express something the way we’d hoped, we babble (maybe I am here now) but the important fact is - it happens, we’re human, we’re perfect but not perfect if you get my meaning. Even the best of the best mess up, get stuck, fail, but they understand and accept, it happens. They simply get back up and keep moving forward. Rather than what many might do by giving up, never trying again, allowing doubt, self pity and self loathing to creep in. Stopping them from ever trying again because what if they stuff up again.

Which leads to our second point of not being perfect. The Facebook lives, our grammar and wording, our emails, conversations, the blog posts, the way we look 24/7. It doesn’t have to be. What’s most important is being real, being you, being free and confident and happy to be you. Knowing that’s perfect enough. You can grow and improve, in fact I recommend you do, every day but embrace who you are, free from the need of perfection. People want to see you, know you, talk to you not some fancy “trying to be perfect” version of you.

 Thirdly cut yourself some slack, all good things take time. If you think about the years and years of conditioning and programming we’ve been exposed to and all we’ve taken onboard, so much of it negative, then you begin to understand that changing the way you think, reprogramming if you like, will take time and that’s perfectly ok too. As long as you remember that and cut yourself some slack.

 Fourthly; we must stop comparing ourselves. Every one of us has unique qualities, goodness and beauty that we show, share and express in different ways. We can certainly grow, learn and improve how we do things by looking to those we admire, but when we start to compare we sink. You are not them, they are not you. Allow your own uniqueness, flair, creativity to shine through, you can admire how they do things but why not try admiring how you do things in your own beautiful unique way. Every one has a gift to share, everyone will resonate with and reach different people. We can never or will never reach everyone, that’s not our job and shouldn’t be our aim. Authenticity is the key to a happy, fulfilling life, if we all ran around trying to be like everyone else... we’ve strayed so far from our ultimate purpose and what we can actually give, do and contribute to the world. The world then misses out on you, the real you. You also rob yourself of an abundance of joy.

 Fifthly; I am here for you, other like minded women are here for you. In our tribe, in the connections, love and support from those who want to see you succeed and thrive. Know who they are. We. They are the ones who want to see grow, succeed and be your beautiful authentic self. Celebrating your wins, encouraging you on your attempts or failures to keep going.

 Last but not least; know that you are ready. The best time to get started is now. It may push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you, make you doubt, but know that you are ready to create your best life, whatever that looks like for you, you are ready. You don’t have to wait for the planets to align, all your ducks to be in a row or for the right car, weight, dress, home, job.... you are ready now.

First we must believe, feel, envision, before it all comes to be in our physical reality.

To recap;

  • 1. it’s ok to mess up, you must, for that is where your growth, your success lies.
  • 2. Leave perfectionism behind, you are already prefect and although it sounds contradictory you can perfect along the way
  • 3. Cut yourself some slack, don’t be so hard on yourself. You can be your greatest critic or your very best friend. Be your very best friend and watch how far and how fast you go!
  • 4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone besides the person you were yesterday.
  • 5. You are never alone. Close your eyes and feel the energy, think about all those that support, love and encourage you if ever you are feeling low. Allow it to bring a smile to your face and spur you on with excitement and hope.
  • 6. Know that there is never a better time than now, you are ready. 

There’s a beautiful life waiting for you, go get it, you are ready!

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