Inspiring Short Videos

To grow, to learn, to appreciate, to smile.

Jim Rohn - So gentle and inspirational.
Watching this was like sitting with my pop again. So loving, encouraging and wise.
Enjoy this few minutes and ask yourself the questions.
Why not now?

The Power of Gratitude

As I watched this, I was humbled. Beautiful!

What is Life Coaching & can it really make a difference!

+ My free gift to you

A beautiful, important, inspiring message delivered so beautifully. 

What you find everyplace you go...

One of my favourite Tedx talks

This song just makes me smile! Yes I crank it & slide across my timber floors!

My 5 Great Lessons in Life

Great movie - Great Soundtrack!
Be Inspired & sing "I am the one & only" by Chesney Hawkes

We can all learn from Sam Berns - Truly inspirational & humbling.

Philosophy for a Happy Life.

Your one in a million!

Be Inspired, Be Great, Be You!

Never gets old!
Always inspiring, always motivating!

Life is Beautiful!

The Gratitude Dance
 - Just makes you smile :) 

One kind act can make a difference!

My personal favourite;
It gives me chills every time I listen to these beautiful women sing!

Obvious to you, amazing to others by Derek Sivers

Take the time to stop.

My very own YouTube channel!

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