or lack thereof

Sometimes nothing is something...
Sometimes nothing is a message...
Hmm odd right, hear me out.

To run a successful business, write and share inspiring, helpful, valuable information, I study, research and read a lot. Many of the mentors and entrepreneurs I follow, along with my coaches advise;
- Write as much as possible, as often as possible, journal, brainstorm, jot down every idea, thought, be creative, unique, fresh, fun and authentic. I did, I have, I love it and will continue to do it.

But there are times I have nothing?
The words, the creativity, the ideas and inspiration... seem to vanish?
Nothing comes to mind...

No matter what I look at, old posts, half-finished posts, folders upon folders of inspiration, googling my little heart out - nothing... no inspiration? No gut feeling that says YES! this is your topic today or no aha moment of discovering a new, fantastic way to do things, to be different and unique. Just a calm emptiness. Then there are the odd times that time really starts to tick on and seriously, still nothing. Nothing comes to mind except the beginning of the dreaded thought "you've got nothing" (as if I need to remind myself.)

A little moment of panic kicks in. Not good I think to myself, followed by thoughts of "You want to do this for years, for your life. Writing is your dream, your passion, writing helpful information for others is what you love, creating a growing, thriving business is what you’ve dreamt of, worked so hard creating, not good if you have nothing to share".

Still nothing...
Now this may be starting to sound a little odd, particularly as I’m sharing about having nothing to share at times (it seems that having ‘nothing’ to share isn’t an issue here as I write this) but I know it happens to many of us at times, particularly all of our entrepreneurs and group leaders out there. So I remind myself and you (dear reader and thank you if your still reading this) that there are moments when you feel you've got nothing. Nothing to add, to say, to share, no answer, no plan, no creativity or feelings of inspiration. Be it a problem to solve, a response or reply to someone, a big decision, something in your business or something to write, like a seemingly simple blog post and I’ve had my fair share of writers block or nothingness, but Non-the-less I can happily add its ok. Phew! 
The pressures off.

It's very easy to fall into fear, panic and over catastrophisizing For e.g. Thinking; this always happens to me, or I can’t do this, I should quit, I'm no good, it's no use.
So the best thing to do, so you don't beat yourself up, feel defeated or incapable is firstly remember it’s ok, it happens to all of us even the best of the best and then simply:

Take a breather, maybe you need a little time off, a little time to relax, a break, a moment to stop thinking. This maybe a message telling you to stop. I know for me as an entrepreneur my mind is going 24/7 what can I do better, how can I give more, how do I improve this, that and the next thing...

When nothing comes to mind it could be telling you to;
- Take a bubble bath, enjoy the silence
- Meditate on nothing but your breath
- Watch that DVD you bought, that's still unopened.
- Go for a walk
- Have an early night! Snuggle up to your pillow and drift off to sleep. 
You shouldn't have any trouble because there's nothing on your mind.

Do nothing...
Sure enough you'll be back in no time refreshed and ready to write, solve, create or whatever it is you normally love to do!

So my message here is to enjoy those times, enjoy doing nothing, because sometimes nothing is something and it's just what you need.

May all your dreams come true even if you can't think of them right now, you will!

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