Recognition of this beautiful photo;

I am Brave, so are You,

I am Beautiful, so are You,

I am Creative, so are You,

I am Worthy, so are You,

I am Capable, so are You,

I am Powerful, so are You,

I am Bold, so are You,

I am Free, so are You,

I am all I choose to be, so are You.

If you look, you will find it in your imagination,

From there if you believe & override the harsh words of the world, the words of those who have hurt you, ridiculed you, not supported you, you will see it reflected in your life, in your reality.

I believe we are brilliant creators, we have so easily created so much fear, worry, stress, anxiety, pain, without much effort, just a whole lot of focus on those things...

Imagine if we chose to feel differently,

Imagine if we chose to focus on all that is good,

Imagine if we chose to see ourselves highly,

Imagine if we chose to love ourselves deeply,

Imagine if we stopped the constant attention to the unhelpful noise in our minds of what was, what sucked, what hurt, what went wrong, what could go wrong,

Imagine if we choose to believe we were beautiful, creative, worthy, capable, powerful, bold & free.


Feel it, focus on it,

Look into your mind & memories & seek only those that confirm it.

There will be moments, achievements, such joy, accomplishment, good feelings, times of strength & belief that confirm it is true.

That confirm you hold the power to feel, see & experience more of those wonderful truths.

Love Karen

The Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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