Hold On & Raise Your Vibration

When you feel that all is lost - hold on
When you feel like you can’t go any further - hold on 
When you feel like nothing is working - hold on

I want to remind you of one truth - you have what it takes,
You can do what ever it is your trying to accomplish
You can get through whatever you're going through
You can find a way,

You can find the solution,

You can find the answer,

You can ask for guidance in quiet meditation, really reach out & ask for help, guidance, direction.

You may call upon your higher self, God, Source, The Universe, what ever is your personal belief and connection to a higher power - trust it, ask, reach out, believe
& know that it will come.

I know this so well for I have been there,
I have felt the pain, the loss, the feelings of failure, of sinking into the belief that it won’t happen, I can’t, it’s not possible. What on earth am I going to do!

Just going back to my days of being a struggling single mum trying to work out how to put food on the table, or when I was out of work for 5 months & things got so bad, I had 2 choices,

We all do;

The first one is GIVE UP & oh boy I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had of done that in those times & when you think about it what does it solve, nothing,
how does it make you feel; WORSE

or the second choice is HOLD ON & BELIEVE. Ask, seek guidance, trust, dig deep, do something, take action & know there is an answer, a solution for you.
I can’t tell you how many times I did that, made that second choice & felt so aligned & grateful, now in the very early years before my PD journey I made the first choice plenty of times too & it did not go well.

When I did everything I could by holding on, believing the solution would come, the situation would get better, taking action, it did.

So I'd like to share with you what that looked like;

It all started by raising my vibration,
Choosing to get myself out of the funk, the pity party, the despair, the helplessness & hopelesness & let’s not forget victimisation.


When we’re stuck in that lower vibe we attract more of the same.
We sink lower, we feel more hopeless, helpless, discouraged & nothing changes
But when we dig deep & tap into that higher vibration that high frequency & energy that you hear being talked about so often - we're able to think better, clearer, take the actions needed, seek the guidance & be open to receiving it.

You can raise your energy vibration in an instant just by tuning into what you’re thinking about.... bring your mind to a place of joy. You can do this through gratitude, through thinking about all that’s good in your life. To thinking about what life will be like when this problem is solved.

Get yourself into that state & return to it regularly.

CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY to building strong new habits.
Have reminders pinned up on your wall to see often, to remind you of all those good thoughts & ways to stay in a higher vibration.

  • Take a walk in nature, practise a guided meditation
  • Take that bubble bath to just relax
  • Seek that friend or mentor
  • Research what others have done in similar circumstances
  • Say no to something that is draining for you, give yourself that time back to focus on you rather than committing to something you don’t want to do & is only going to sink you further into a lower vibration state
  • Put on your favourite upbeat song & dance like a wild woman - like you would after an incredible first date
  • Breathe.... just breath for a moment, allow the oxygen to flow, your heart to stop racing, put your hand on your heart & feel it as you breath slowly & deeply
  • Read something positive, inspiring
  • Help someone else, that’s always a beautiful way to forget your problems & often a reality check that it’s not so bad
  • Go get yourself a hug 

These are all beautiful little things you can do right now, in the moment, in any moment you feel that lower vibration kicking in with all the doubts, worries, not good enough & self-sabotaging thoughts we easily conjure up.

Give yourself every opportunity to raise yourself up, to feel better, to get to that space of thinkability where you can take positive actions to move forward.

And I’d like to add this is just another beautiful way to be an example in the world, particularly for our children because we know they will face their own demons, doubts & situations in life where fear & all those things I mentioned earlier can kick in & take control.
Show them by your actions how to get through it.

We can all use this beautiful reminder & these tools to raise our vibration,
I know it works I've experienced it, I’ve witnessed it, Ive coached women through it & there are a million stories of others to confirm that it’s possible, that it works.

No matter what you face you can get yourself to a place where you feel good, where you can take positive, productive steps to move forward, solve, breakthrough, create, feel inspired again, believe, trust & live & when I say live I mean truly live as life was intended; full of love joy & meaning

When we raise our energy vibration we automatically raise it for the world,
Imagine if every one choose to live in that higher vibrational state!
What a world it would be!

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