We have beaten ourselves up,

We have sabotaged our happiness from fears, self-doubts, lack of self-worth,

We have given up on our greatest desires and dreams, believing we can’t, worrying about what people will say, will we fail,

We have believed that life is hard, we can’t, we shouldn’t, this is all I deserve, it’s my fault.


We have just gone through the motions,

We have exhausted ourselves trying to please everyone else, tending to everyone else, from guilt, obligation, but also because we care. We want to be loved, accepted, appreciated.

We have left ourselves at the end of everyday de-pleated & unfulfilled.

We have believed what the world shows mercilessly; that we should look a certain way, be a certain way, have certain things to be successful and happy.

And yet;


We have known in the depths of our souls that we are incredible human beings, capable of so much.

We have the ability and capacity to shine, thrive and love fully, completely, unconditionally.

We have not acted upon it, not fully, for there is a strange comfort in being stuck, in sharing our woes, in feeling that none of what happens to us is really our doing.

In all that we believe and feel in this world, it is our thinking that makes it so and for too long we have spent our time focused on the things that are not for our highest good and the highest good of all.

We have all experienced great pain and suffering in many different ways but our greatest suffering and pain comes from thinking for too long on what shoulda, coulda, woulda been if only....

I was prettier, smarter, taller, thinner, had more money, the best contacts, this didn’t happen, he or she didn’t do or say that.

I can’t help but get excited to think imagine if we channelled all the energy we put into feeling less then, into our doubts, into worries and fears, thinking about all that we haven’t done, should of done and all that we feel wronged by into the one area that would catapult our lives into one of magnificence, beauty and meaning; that being ourselves.

To focus on the magnificence of who we are (despite what the world says)

To focus on giving with such love and joy (despite whether it is returned)

To focus on what we truly desire in this lifetime (regardless of the naysayers)

To focus on what we can do to become better than we were yesterday (free from comparing ourselves to others)

To focus on being kind, loving and attentive to ourselves (like we so easily do for others, encouraging, supporting, giving and loving)


Choosing to be excited about this magnificent life we have been given

Choosing to learn and grow from the experiences we’ve had so that they don’t happen again and again.

Choosing to look in the mirror past the obvious scars and ageing from life, into the depths of our souls that are as illuminate as the stars, as bright as the sun; to see you, the real you. A Divine being of greatness, full of love with such unique and special qualities.

It’s time to shine, for too long have we dulled ourselves, hidden and stayed in the shadows, stuck in fears of unnecessary, unjustified proportion.

It begins with a choice, your 100% responsibility to choose to embrace you, accept you, forgive you, love you.

For I, your family and friends can tell you a million times how beautiful, worthy, capable you are but you must choose to believe it. There is no tool for this, it is an act of faith and love, a choice. Even if you don’t know how or where to start you can choose to accept this truth and know that this can be your reality. From there you must do the work to bring it into being, to back up your thought and choice, to gain the proof and momentum needed to keep going,

By reading
By listening to the best of the best of the best, 
By meditation and sitting with your thoughts, your pain, acknowledging it, forgiving yourself for staying stuck in it for so long
By asking the questions “who is any one to tell me otherwise, how is it justified, what can I do, give today
By focusing on gratitude, one of the most powerful ways to transform your life and thinking
By knowing so many before you have travelled through their pain and made the choice to change and have successfully navigated their way through to become who they are today, who they’ve always been before the experiences of this world took control
And although it sounds so harsh but it’s so true for many of us (including me many years ago) by not feeling sorry for ourselves.

There is a world of information and resources available to us freely if we choose to look and do the work required, along with so many professional (including me as a Life Coach) that can help you move forward and break the ‘for too long...’ habit.

It’s time to say ‘I am ready’

You deserve to shine, to be free from the limitations, doubts you have (often sub-consciously) placed upon yourself, to be YOU

The real you, beautiful, vibrant, intelligent, capable, worthy, loving you.

This is where our happiness is; being free to be ourselves.

Love Karen
The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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