feeling a little uninspired?

It happens to all of us! We loose our motivation, inspiration and need a little boost or reminder to get it back!

So here's a simple, fun little post of 20 ways to find some inspiration and get back on track; feeling fabulous, excited and inspired!

  1. Take a moment to simply watch your kids or your pets playing (at home or at the park), better still join in! Play on the swings, build that lego, run with your pet.
  2. Ask your friends and those you look up to "What inspires you?"
  3. Go for a walk in nature and marvel at the beauty of the trees, landscapes, wildlife, flowers, rivers, sun, clouds
  4. Watch an inspiring TedX Talk (just visit youtube; type in TedX - search; inspiration -  and enjoy some of the best of the best presentions
  5. Check out my 'Quotes' page for some uplifting inspiring quotes
  6. Write out a gratitude list. See how long you can make it
  7. Meditate on the word inspiration, see what comes to mind
  8. Think about all the people you love that inspire you
  9. Search in Facebook 'Inspiration' there are hundreds of pages and posts (don't forget to check out my Private Facebook group for Women - if your not a member yet! It is full of inspiration
  10. Smile at everyone you meet and see during the day
  11. Read a biography of someone who inspires you (you can buy it or borrow it from the library)
  12. Volunteer
  13. Write a bucket list; get crazy! What are some of the things you would love to do in your life time
  14. Put on your favourite power song! The one that gives you goose bumps and makes you want to dance across the room and sing at the top of your voice
  15. Get creative! Do you love to paint, sew, draw, cook, build things? Immerse yourself in something you love, 
  16. Find a new hobby, something you think you'd really get into and enjoy
  17. Get comfy and write about your favourite things, the best day of your life or a magical moment,
  18. Declutter. It feels great to have a clean out. It's good for your home and good for your mind
  19. Change something around; your furniture, pictures. Check out some magazines, Pinterest or google home decorating ideas & see what you can come up with
  20. Plant a tree or some flowers

Most of all have fun, relax, enjoy!

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