every raindrop raises the sea

There’s a saying
Every rain drop raises the sea,
I love this saying but it is neither positive nor negative, it simply suggests it does make a difference. As those of you on the land know when the dams are full or the water tanks are full what a gift that is but we also know the devastation & impact too much can have.

I was thinking about this statement & thought how we can relate this saying to many things;

Every kind word makes a difference
Every harsh word has an impact
Every good deed or action adds more love & hope into the world
Every bad deed or action adds more confusion, sorrow, worry & fear.

We must as individuals be mindful. Mindful of what we think, for this is where it all begins, mindful of the energy we put into the world, mindful & aware that our thoughts, our words, our actions make a difference, have an impact, spread more love or fear to those around us & ultimately on a collective level to the world.

Don’t think for a second it won’t matter, it won’t help or make a difference because it will. Your presence, your love, your continued growth, contribution & effort in this world will make a difference.

I think about the times I didn’t speak up or act because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, compared to all the times I have that reinforce & remind me that it absolutely does, even if it just helps one person it’s worth it.

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