Celebrating Women

To all the women out there who don't realise how amazing they are!
To those that are struggling with all the demands & obligations in life or just not feeling the Love & joy you desire & deserve.
This one's for you!

I bet you have an amazing story. One that if we all sat around a campfire toasting marshmallows or in a nice hotel drinking cocktails, would captivate us all. A story filled with love, passion, heart ache, struggles, triumphs, joy, trials, and no doubt so much more.

My story would be no different to yours, only different characters, scenes and specific events but the emotions felt would be similar. Strangely all the same but different. Full of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel on top of the world, other times it's what many call the dark night of the soul. When you feel so lost, alone and troubled, consumed with fear and all its nasty relatives.

When we can look at our stories and see how far we've come, how much we've actually grown, achieved and well let's be honest; survived, our world changes dramatically. Our stories don't have to define us, they can become beautiful lessons. If not for thousands, at least for ourselves and our loved ones, when we can share them in an inspiring, helpful way. Far from the common, unhelpful victim story, that only drags us and others down, leaving us feeling miserable, stuck or stagnate.

Many of the greatest teachers were born through some of the darkest nights, and through that comes the most amazing stories of triumph, healing and joy.

It is through my story, and the many stories I’ve heard from women all around the world that I was lead to create a special E-Course just for women.

Looking at your story is just one of the many areas we work through in the E-Course.

Allow me to briefly share why and what it means for you with a short story of my own. Well to start I am a bit of a loner, I like my own company (I didn't many years ago, in fact I loathed myself) and my greatest breakthroughs came when I was alone. I'd spend hours at the library because I couldn't afford books back then. I spent so much time researching, reading and learning, determined to change my miserable life. Having divorced for the second time; something I felt guilt and shame over for a long time, I felt I had let my partners down, my kids, my family and ultimately myself. Amongst many other self-attacks, I had to change. I was going down a dark path fast!

My beautiful shift began all those years ago with a simple choice and quote I learnt from an amazing teacher. It was simply “Joy is a choice, each morning you wake up you choose, I choose joy”. I didn't like feeling miserable, so of course I chose joy. I didn't know how back then but I was determined to find out. 

Now I could share with you lots of crazy, fun, weird (scary even) experiences but it would make this post very long and I share many of them in my book Dare to Dream - Your Journey of a lifetime. So just picture Bridget Jones playing pretend drums in her PJs singing “All by myself” and you'll get an idea of some of my nights, and they were the good ones! Today life is much different! I'm in the relationship of my dreams, my relationship with my children is fantastic and I am surrounded by some of the most loving, supportive people on the planet. I own my own business and life; although it still throws up its challenges, is one of pure joy. Each new day is an adventure. 

As a Relationship and Life Coach and Professional Counsellor I now see so many women struggling; unhappy, unfulfilled and unable to see how truly amazing, capable, beautiful and worthy they are. Their exhausted and for many all hope seems lost. And just like me all those years ago, they need to be encouraged, reassured and guided through a process that allows them to see who they truly are and what's possible for them in their relationships and their life. So they can experience the life they were meant to live. One of love, joy and meaning.

So the passion and purpose of my E-Course Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self is to reach out to these women and provide a way for them to access this information. In a way that was enjoyable, affordable and able to be done in the comfort of their own homes, where they can really dig deep and get to know themselves, acknowledge, embrace and open up to a world of love, joy and possibility.

You see I already believe in these women, I already know what their capable of; I wanted them to feel it and see it to. And have a way to apply it in their own lives with lots of tools, information, stories and resources.

I always say the greatest investment you can ever make is on you. Because not only do you improve and enhance your life, but also the lives of those around you, as your presence and beautiful new energy lifts and inspires them as well. That's a beautiful gift, to you, those you love and to the world.

  • If you’re ready to see how truly amazing you are,
  • If you’re ready to make beautiful, positive changes in your life,
  • And ready to experience beautiful, loving relationships and create a life you love

I am offering my E-course, for a limited time for only $19. That's a one off payment for all the material and support you need, because you’re absolutely worth it.

  • No matter your story, no matter what anyone else has ever told you…
  • Never forget how beautiful, amazing, capable, unique and worthy you are.
  • Throughout the E-Course I will remind you of this often.

My dark nights are now all over a decade ago. Since that time I have learnt, grown, studied and followed some of the best of the best. I have a wonderful saying now if ever I feel myself slipping, it is simply "when you know what I know - you can't wallow" it has allowed me to pick myself up very quickly and find a solution, an answer, because there always is one, always.

If you’re ready you can follow the link to start CELEBRATING YOU today and awaken your best self. I'll see you there.

I'll be the one cheering you on.

Till next time to your success and loving the life you live!

P.S I welcome you to share this page with any women you know may benefit xxx

Included is your 2 Manuals, to work through, add to and refer to for life and a free copy of my E-Book 'How to love the life you live now' 

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