Your Story, Your Challenges, Your Breakthroughs, Your Life

Affects others. You just may not know it.

I recently received a wonderful message form a lady halfway around the globe. She had read my book and wanted to let me know how thank full she was. How much it had helped her and changed her life.

Its moments like these that you just smile and feel a beautiful sense of humility and gratitude. 

It's not the first time I've received beautiful, thank you messages but each time I am humbled and grateful.

My book had a purpose, it was written from my experiences, my journey and includes many of the tools and resources I used to help me completely change my life. I always thought if it helps just one person it would be worth it.

You see for the first few decades of my adult life I struggled.

I struggled with who I was, what I wanted and the whole ‘purpose of life’. I had many dark nights, lots of frustration and feelings of sadness, defeat, helplessness and hopelessness. I was surrounded by divorce and broken relationships, including my own. I’d beat myself up for everything I had done wrong, why nothing seemed to work, how horrible I looked and on and on, the list was endless. Unhappiness seemed to rear its ugly head in every direction I looked, and that became my story for sometime.

But by grace, luck or a serendipitous moment, I woke up and decided it was time to change. I was somehow going to turn things around, find a way to be happy and create a life I admired in so many others.

My book, mentioned above (which I started over a decade ago) was the start of my new life long journey, story and my now; profession. Helping others through my years of experience and professional qualifications. I say lifelong because it is truly a journey for life. Until the day we leave this planet we can always improve, learn, grow, give more and love more.

Our stories and the things we share can have a massive impact in our lives and the lives of those around us.

One of the most heart wrenching, severest cases I know is the story of my mum. Once a beautiful, fun, determined women whose story over the past decade has turned into one of misery, sadness and total energy depletion. So much so that no one even talks to her anymore (it's a very sad and hard truth to even write). She hasn't a friend in the world besides my sister and I, who love her dearly and do all we can for her. But everyone else has vanished because they cannot listen to her story anymore. Of course there is more to this story but my point is the impact our stories can have on ourselves and others.

Now this post isn't about needing to go out and publish a book and share your story with the world (unless it's something you've dreamed of doing, then go for it) it's about realising the impact your story can have and next week I'd like to share with how you can re-write your story so that if you are struggling in any way you can begin to experience the life you, we, all truly desire and deserve. One of love, joy, meaning and contribution.

So till then think about the story you've always told about you and your life. Think about the stories you may have carried from your childhood or events of the past. Think about when you're talking to your friends, someone you know or perhaps someone you haven't seen for a while but bumped into. What is the story you tell? What is the content? Is it happy, positive, uplifting, inspiring or full of drama, sadness, doubt, fear or how tough things always are, how you always cop the raw end of the stick. You probably haven't ever given it much thought. I know I didn't way back then.

If you’re not sure ask your family and friends and I'm sure they'll be about tell you.

Till next time, to your success and loving the life you live.

Part Two; Your Story

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