Wishes or Resolutions 

Many of you may be starting to think about the new year, 2018...
It’s so close now!

It’s funny when I look back & think about my late teens & early twenties 2018 seemed so futuristic. I’d often, amongst my friends, talk about flying cars & all the little things we use to see in the fabulous “Back to the future” movies with Michael J Fox (ok now I’m showing my age). But as each year passes (just as the one before) towards the end (more & more these days with Facebook & YouTube) we see & feel that buzz in the air as posts & videos about the new year, about planning, creating & setting goals pop up everywhere. Encouraging people to think about what they want to create, do, expand upon, remove, let go of or achieve. That is always exciting, I’m starting to do the same. Although I have my big end of year goal planning day just after Christmas. It’s a bit of a tradition for me now in the down time period between Christmas & New Years, I start setting the wheels in motion to create an even better year than the one about to end. It begins in the last few months of the year just scribbling notes & getting thoughts on paper as they enter my mind,. But when my planned day comes it’s serious stuff! Super exciting too I might add, as I reflect, acknowledge & celebrate all I’ve accomplished & learnt throughout the year. Ready to move forward, ready to do better, be better, love more, give more & in all honestly find new ways to relax more, stress less & simplify life to feel more peace, tranquility & joy.

We all do this in different ways at different times in varying degrees towards the end of every year. Some quite elaborately, some just with one or a few New Years resolutions.

But what really separates those who create & have an incredible successful year to those that don’t is that burning desire. So many people often just state what they hope to happen, I want to start a business, I want to loose weight, I want to travel, I want to save, I want to be happier, healthier, the list goes on. And as you may have guessed already it doesn’t come to be because they’re not truly vested in it, it’s just a nice thought. That deep burning desire, that clear vision of the end result, that strong reason & determination isn’t there. Their resolutions or here you may call them wishes don’t move them enough to really follow through, especially when they hit a hurdle, a challenge shows up or something doesn’t go to plan. I read recently that by January 15th most people have already gone back to living or just existing as they did the year before. Just 15 days into the New Year!

For our resolutions to become our reality we must have a vision. A vision that excites you, is compelling & draws you towards it in such a way that nothing will stop you, no excuses, no ifs or butts. A vision that has such a strong reason to see it through, to keep going when the challenges show up & they will, that’s life. Your reasons, your whys are what will help you stay on track, get back up & keep going. To work through the fears, the blocks, the nay sayers. We can dream & plan all we like but if we don’t have a strong enough reason as to why we’re going to do what we want to do or achieve... we give up. We convince ourselves it’s too hard or we’re just not that lucky, or it’s ok for others but we can’t or worse that it’s not really that big a deal.

It takes a lot of work to really fulfill a goal, pursue a dream. Those that see it through know why with such clarity, they seek help, they take action every day, they read, study & learn as much as they can about the area in which their goals are. We only have to look at the top performers in the world, whether in the sporting arena, financial, investment, personal development, parenting, relationships, any area. They have learnt to master that area. Firstly starting with their own mindset & being the student. 

Are you ready to bring your dreams to life, have you sat down & really thought about how important they are to you, what it will mean for you, your life, your families, your community & the world. Do you have a plan in place, a scheduling, monitoring, measuring tool in place, a mentor, or someone to turn to; to support, encourage & help you on your way. Anthony Robbins beautifully reminds us that progress equals happiness, even if where not there yet but we’re making progress, we feel more alive. Those little actions, those little steps you take every day are all progress towards your end result, your vision. And when your making progress I'm sure you'd agree that you can't help but feel more determined, more willing & able to get through the next step & the next, determined to work through what ever comes up so that your beautiful vision, that end result that WHY comes to life.

I hope you’re getting excited!
And I’d love you to share your thoughts, your goals, your dreams & plans or ask any questions you may have for the new year ahead.

If year after your your dreams have stayed on the shelf & collected dust I would encourage you to sit down, get clear & get started. Don’t let another year go by. You can start with my simple, fun 'Dream, Plan, Action' workbook. But be prepared to work, to fall down, to go back to the drawing board, to research, learn, try, do & you will grow beautifully as will your dream.

Take the time to invest in you, take the time to journal, to read, to write down the questions you may have so that you can then seek the answers you need, the whys, what’s, hows, when’s, who’s. And most importantly believe in yourself, believe in your goal or dream & believe that you will get the answers you need to turn what was just a vision into your glorious reality. So that you go into the New Year not with just a wish, a nice thought, but a resolution!

As the dictionary states; A firm decision to do or not to do something. The quality of being determined.

My 2018 Life Coaching Calendar is open, so if you're truly looking to make changes, I welcome you to contact me so that together we can make your dreams come true.

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