where are you now...

Right now is all there is...
Now is where the magic happens & miracles occur.
How often do you stop & notice where you are, I’m not talking in a physical sense but on a conscious level of being in the past, future or present.
Where are you now?

The past is a great place to visit as we smile & think of beautiful moments & memories. Or it can be an incredible journey as we draw on our lessons & experiences so that we do better, asses & change the way we do things & think about things for our highest good & the highest good of others.
The future is also a great place to visit as we dream of what we desire, what we want our lives to be, what it will look like & feel like once we get there. It is a great place to sit & brainstorm, then working from our future vision backwards to now as to how we can get there, what steps do we need to take. Who can we turn too, what resources are available to help us on our way. 

It is now, this moment where our past & future trips have their power. To integrate the lessons, to be captivated & filled with love by the memories, to get excited about our visions. Now is the only moment you can do & create. Too many waste their lives & precious current moments stuck in a sea of despair from a past that can never change, unaware of the power of acceptance & forgiveness to use their past experiences positively, productively & powerfully. Too many waste their current moments stuck in a world of worry & fear on possibilities that have not come to be. Unable to see that they hold the power of creating them, changing them or choosing a different path.

If you don’t like where you are right now, it’s the perfect & only time you can change it. The only time you can take action & start to create what you desire. It is & sadly true for many, also the only moment you can suffer, wallow, feel miserable & self-sabotage this moment.
The key to the magic of now is that although it can (nothing can) ever change the past, it can absolutely change the future. As each moment, right now creates the next moment & the next & on it goes.

So where are you now...
Be filled with the power, beauty & glorious opportunities that now brings. Look around you & take in all that you love, see it, feel it, then close your eyes & sit with it. Allow your face to soften, your lips to smile, hear your heart beat, as you notice & take in everything right now that is good & beautiful. Your children, your partner, your family & friends, your home, a beautiful new flower on one of your plants, birds singing in the background, the limitless positive possibilities available to you. Notice it all & truly be in this moment, your now.

For now is where the magic happens & miracles occur.

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