This morning I woke with a headache...

I stayed in bed for awhile, took a couple of panadol & lied there...

My mind began to wander to the dark side...
Urgh, argh, thoughts of; I have to do this, I must get that finished, darn it the water heater still needs fixing, I'm tired, I feel horrible...

Just for a few moments I was drawn into my old mindset of misery & overwhelm but I quickly remembered & drew on what I know so well now (& have shared many times before) my quote "when you know what I know you can't wallow". The next thought that quickly came to mind was another of my quotes 'joy is a choice, each morning you wake up, you choose' followed by a conscious choice of focusing on gratitude.

Gratitude saves you every time.

- Grateful that I had access to medication to ease the pain
- Grateful for my cozy bed & Sunday mornings
- Grateful that my family was well (I could hear them making breakfast)
- Grateful for my home
- Grateful for my amazing Facebook group, for every beautiful member & all the inspiration, comments & posts that awaited me)
- Grateful for the new day ahead & all I could do
- Even grateful for the loads of washing that was waiting for me (as I have clothes to wear & a very easy way to wash them)

If you find yourself feeling blue & your mind wandering to the dark side, full of doubt, negativity, overwhelm, stop... 
Take a deep breathe & shift your thoughts & focus to all your gratitudes & you'll feel your energy & mind shift to a beautiful, peaceful, happy space.

You cannot feel miserable & grateful at the same time.

From this beautiful space & mindset you can move forward to create, do, think & feel in a much more positive, productive way. There's a wonderful saying (another of my quotes I've shared many times) "You feel what you focus on" When your focused on gratitude all it's beautiful relatives show up too; joy, kindness, inspiration, thoughtfulness & love.

Today I am extra grateful for the power of our minds, our ability & choices to choose better, choose joy, choose love, choose gratitude & for the incredible feelings & state of being that naturally comes with it.

Everyday we make choices, we are free to choice how we feel, what we think & what we focus on. We can choose to suffer, to stay stuck going over the same miserable, unproductive thoughts & experiences or we can choose to see the gifts, the light, the lessons & the beauty & possibilities that surround us. Choose well, for your highest good & the highest good of others & not only will you experience a glorious day but life will take on a whole new meaning.

Today & everyday "I choose joy"

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