When you know what you want to do - but still don't do it!

A thought I'm sure we've all had at some point.

What creates a breakthrough?

What makes you stop just 'thinking' (procrastinating) and start doing?

What brings dreams to life?

There is one common answer;

As a professional counsellor, life coach and student a number of extremely successful coaches, entrepreneurs and people I've met throughout my many years of studying and personal growth, they, we, all share;

You have to know - with absolute clarity, passion and desire - your WHY!
- Why do you want 'X'

It's easy to say;
- I want more money 
- I want to loose weight
- I want to own my own business 
- I want to be happy 
- I want to improve my relationship
- I want to be in a relationship

These are some of the big (and valid) statements my counselling and coaching clients come with.

Taking action and lasting change begins when you know what you truly want and why.

WHY? Because your why is the emotional fuel to get you to keep going when the challenges show up. 

You can state what you want (and sincerely mean it too) for the rest of your life. Many people do. 

But one of the biggest reasons and motivations to get you to take action is knowing, with absolute clarity, why. Why do you want it, what will it mean to you? What will it mean to those you love?

Your why, your motivation has to be bigger than all the reasons, doubts and fears you can find that stop you from taking action or get you sidetracked.

Sometimes the mere thought of (just a thought without real knowledge or fact)
- The effort involved, stops people, 
- The fear of what others will think and say, stops people, 
- The doubts and lack of self-worth, stops people,
Or it's really just not that important to them, it just sounds nice.

When your why is big enough and has a deep emotional connection to you, you'll do whatever you need to do to see it through. You'll think of lots of different ways you could achieve your desired result. If you get stuck on ideas you'll Google it, you'll see what others have done, you'll look to the experts in that area, brainstorm, read and research. Finding and applying what resonates and works best for you. You won't give up.

- It begins with knowing what you want
- Then finding that deep emotional charge and connection, your why
- Then consistent action, self-belief and determination to get it done and see it through.

So if there's something you know you want to do or need to do but haven't done (for whatever reason) take a piece of paper and write down what it is (be as specific as you can). Then dig deep and write down in the greatest detail - why! And what it will mean to you, your life and those you love.

As Anthony Robbins says " clarity is power, the more clear and specific you are in what you want, the faster your brain can get you there"

Once you begin you'll discover the joy, personal satisfaction, sense of freedom and authenticity in doing what you truly want and following your bliss.

If you truly want to get started but still feel stuck or unsure - the power of life coaching can help you!

- To find the clarity you need
- To provide the direction, support, tools and resources
- To provide positive accountability 
Taking you through a proven system and structure that's fun, achievable and will take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Contact me today for a free introductory call & let's get you on your pathway to success!

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