what if i actually could...

What if I actually could,
Is it truly possible for me?
To create a life I'm so in love with,
To listen to my intuition,
To follow my heart & deepest desires,
To wake each day with a smile & full of excitement
No matter what obstacles come my way,
No matter what people may say...

What if I did,
What would life be like....
I will sit with this thought & truly feel it in every sense,
What a beautiful, exciting thought.

But what if I fail?
What if people laugh or tell me I'm dreaming!
Maybe I should just quit,
It would be much easier...
Wouldn't it?
Easier to just think about how good it might be from time to time,
Easier than the work I know is ahead of me if I go for it,
Easier to be silent & not have to listen to the mockers & naysayers.

Wait a minute, that sounds horrible, sure easier but how can I spend the rest of my life unfulfilled, just going through the motions with these big, beautiful dreams just bottled up lying dormant, unable to see the light of day or given the chance to be born. 
That is no life.
That is a prescription for mediocrity & regret.

The truth is I am dreaming, 
Dreaming of creating a life I desire,
Dreaming of following my bliss.
Dreaming of making a difference in the world,
Dreaming of becoming who I was born to be.

In truth what do they know about my dreams and desires?
If I look at the lives of those who may ridicule me, I see unfulfilled dreams,
I see pain, fear and a deep desire that they wish they too could step out, be brave & pursue their dreams too.
As I step up, stand tall, take action & pursue my dreams I know they are watching, deep down wondering if I can. Deep down wondering if they could.

I will be the example & show that it is possible, I can, I will.
It matters not what they say, I shall follow my own path, I shall set my goals & achieve each one. If it takes a little longer, so be it. If I stumble, fail or fall down I shall get back up, dust myself off & continue on this glorious path I have chosen.

I will look to the best of the best to learn & discover new ways to get to my goal.
I will remind myself of all those before me who have stuck with it & succeeded, some from the most insurmountable odds,
I will remind myself of all the times I have achieved my goals in the past. Big or small, I know they are there if I look.
I will remind myself everyday why I want this & of the amazing difference it will make in my life.
I will tweak, re-do, keep going & improve every single day.
I will learn from my mistakes & failures, 
I will celebrate the failures & successes,
I will remember that these are all leading me one step closer,
I will enjoy the process, the journey.

I will, because I can,
In the near future I will say,
I did, because I kept going.
I did, because I kept doing,
I did because I listened to me, not the bystanders who ridicule, watch & wait for their opportunity to say I told you so

So it begins....
What's my plan...
What do I truly desire?
Why is it so important to me?
What will it mean to me, my life & to my family's life if I achieve it?
Who can I look to for guidance & support?

I am making a commitment today to myself, to do what is necessary,

To my future self;
What once began as just a dream, a thought, a what if, became my magnificent reality because I choose to bring it to life with the greatest of dedication, determination & passion.
Life is good,

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