What beautiful gift or life lesson has your partner given or taught you?

Have a think about it for a moment....

Maybe it's:

  •  - How hard they work to provide for the family
  •  - Their calmness and ability to take care of things
  •  - Or how well they take care of the house,
  •  - The meals or treats they prepare
  •  - Helping the kids with their homework or just playing, entertaining and having fun with them
  •  - How they listen
  •  - How beautiful the lawn looks each time they mow it
  •  - How excited they get when they share something with you
  •  - How they really know you and get you,
  •  - Their smile or hugs
  •  - How they comfort you in times of doubt, sadness or stress

There are a million different things if we look.

Think about all the wonderful things they do, how they contribute, kind words, positive attitudes, actions, even just their very presence.

Think about it especially if your going through a rough patch or if things have been a bit dull or routinal, because the duties and obligations of life have become your focus. Or perhaps your focus has been on all the not so great things they do.

There is an amazing gift that comes from focusing on the wonderful things our partners do. They are beautiful gifts and lessons to replicate or just acknowledge and appreciate. Even if there are things they do that aren't so great; when you focus on all the wonderful things they do and are, you notice even more. They notice - that you notice - and your life together takes a whole new direction into a more loving, beautiful relationship of growth and joy.

As I was getting ready this morning a great big smile beamed across my face as a couple of thoughts about Greg, my partner entered my mind. I thought to myself he doesn't even know that he has given me a wonderful gift and that was his laughter and very relaxed personality. You see over our years together he has taught me to really laugh just for the joy of laughing, at nothing in particular and how to be more relaxed. Instead of so 'serious' and 'busy' all the time, trying to accomplish this and that.

There is an amazing universal law; 
- If you focus on (and look for) the not so great stuff, you'll see more of the not so great stuff
- If you focus on (and look for) the great stuff, you'll see more of the great stuff

It's not rocket science but if your aware of it, it can sky rocket your life into one filled with love, laughter and joy.

When you set the tone in your home of tension, anger or unhappiness, everyone feels it. When you set the tone of love, hope and joy, everyone feels it.

How do you set the tone? 
By focusing on all the great stuff, big and small. Instead of the 'he didn't or doesn't, she didn't or doesn't, they forgot this or that etc'

See the beautiful qualities that brought you together in the first place.

The most amazing shifts can take place from the simplest of things

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