Have you ever really stopped to take a look at the stories you tell...
When you meet people, when you see an old friend, your neighbour, when you talk to your colleagues at work. Even when your just in your own thoughts.

What is it that you constantly retell?

Do you tell the story of how great life is, how much joy you have in your world, your beautiful family, friends, blessings, the exciting things your creating and working towards, all the things that inspire you or...

Do you tell the story of how hard life is, how this sucks, that sucks, if something bad happens it will always happen to you. Or maybe it’s the same old, same old life story, so commonly told. You know the one, you meet an old friend and ask how’s life? “Same old same old just a different day” 
Oh I can feel the energy and life force being sucked away just writing that one.

This is an area of our lives we need to pay close attention to because the impact it has is huge, not just on the life you keep creating for yourself living and telling the same story but the impact it has on others.

I’m sure your familiar with those who tell you the same miserable story every time you see them.

And if we’re really honest it would be truthful to say we can find ourselves avoiding them because it’s so draining.

It’s true ofcourse that each of us would have traumatic, painful stories to tell in varying degrees, but what benefit does it bring to relive it? To retell it? 

The only benefit and reason to bring up such stories is for growth, when your sharing how you worked through it, got through it, how you changed things and turned them around in positive and productive ways. Or ofcourse in a professional therapeutic setting. There is always a time and a place to share these types of stories or we could call them life lessons. But for the most part they are limiting, self-sabotaging stories that truly hold us back and keep us in a negative state.

So I would encourage you to take note of the stories you tell and if they’re not uplifting, inspiring or growth promoting... change them. There is always a way to tell a story that not only changes the energy to the story (while still being truthful) but will help you create the beautiful changes you desire by getting off the ‘miserable, poor me, life sucks, negative, flat, merry go round that is so common in story telling.

And just a little PS here; Please know this is not in any way to diminish the painful, traumatic experiences you’ve had in life, because I know some are so incredibly painful, it is to encourage a new spark, a new perspective so that you can use what ever has happened to you for growth and also to create new positive stories that will not only (as I’ve mentioned) give you a new lease on life but also be of benefit to all you tell, particularly our children. We want to teach them to focus on what’s good, beautiful in life and to share those stories.

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