The Power of Words

You’re scrolling through Facebook, with a few moments to spare and you see a kind word, a positive thought, a beautiful quote, it makes you smile. Such wonderful little pick me ups, like a breath of fresh air. For some it can completely change their day, from one of worry, stress or despair to feeling inspired and joyful, as a feeling of possibility and hope fills their very soul. For others a sense of determination fills their mind and creates a spark that ignites a hidden desire, a long-time dream. Turning thoughts into a plan, into action, into reality.

There is great power in words, they can hurt, hinder, heal, humiliate, humble or inspire. They can knock you down or lift you up. We must consciously choose the words we allow to fill our minds. For words of love, kindness, hope, thoughtfulness and encouragement are a beautiful gift. We must also choose to share this gift, these very words that lift us up; to empower, heal, help and inspire others.

For the longest time I have written "if you see a quote that makes you smile and really inspires you, don't just smile and keep scrolling, print it out and pin it up where you'll see it regularly. Allow it to inspire you every day". 

We have instant access to such an incredible array of beautiful words and inspirational quotes. Words that we can consciously choose to take on board, allowing them to flood our minds, fill our souls and become our own personal mantras and way of life.

Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self - An online E-Course for Women

  • Do you wake up each morning with a great big smile. Or do you wake with a million pressures and things to do?
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