“Look at you, do you really think your any different to all the others who have failed... Do you think you could possibly compare or be like all those successful people, beautiful people... Look at you..

You’re not like them, they’re naturally talented, beautiful, they have access to all the funds they need, they’ve got it going on...

Look at you, just give up & accept that life is meant to be hard, you just have to go to work, do your thing, clean, cook, look after every one else & maybe one day you can rest... By the way remember what Aunt Bee said, your first husband, remember that guy that dumped you, when you didn’t get that job you had your heart set on. Lower your standards & just accept it’s not for you. Life sucks, it’s just too hard...


Now I know this isn’t exactly how it goes for everyone, but boy there’s so many people out there that have similar thoughts before they even get out of bed.

I was one of them, true, many years ago. I would listen to all the rubbish that filled my head, I would allow it to feaster & grow, I made it my truth & believed every word I told myself. Because in that mindset I looked around & it was confirmed every where. But this has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt in my PD journey, we human beings are so great at self-sabotage, so great at running with the negative thoughts, building on them, staying with them, torturing ourselves over & over & over again...

Why do we do it...

Well that could remain one of the mysteries of the world because there is no logical reason for it. We are made from love, we are unique, creative, beautiful, capable & worthy but as life unfolds & in our attempt to be happy, to live, we fall into the traps of listening to others, taking all the bad experiences & negative influences onboard & making them our own, until they become our truth, our voice, our beliefs.

Who is anyone to tell you your not good enough, smart enough, capable enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough... who?

No one. No one is qualified to tell you about your life, your dreams, your passions, your weaknesses, your desires, no one. So why do we listen, because we want to be loved & in some sick safety blanket kind of way we feel connected, we want, we need to be close to people. We could hear many great compliments & words of love & encouragement but have one bad thing said about us & that’s what we dwell on. We allow ourselves to listen to the wrong people, to take past & future mind trips based on the negative comments of others. We take these trips, unpack, settle in & often stay there for years. I mean look around, the world can show us a million & one reasons as to why we’re not good enough. It will remind us of our failures, our stuff ups, our pain & will easily lead us into a place were we shut down, were we don’t even try anymore, were we believe it all to be true...

But it’s not true, for the world, when we are open to life, to love, to growing, despite what has happened to us in our past, what others have said, can show us in such glory & magnificence the beauty we have within us, the beauty that surrounds us. Our true nature is immense love, compassion, strength & ability to rise above, to learn, to create, to be joyful, to love fully & to be the splendid beings we truly are.

I cannot state strongly enough how wretched our minds can be if we allow it. It is always, always, always a choice. A 100% choice of what we choose to take onboard, what we choose to allow into our minds & take up residency. Bad, negative, unhelpful thoughts will always come, we are human but we do not have to entertain them & invite them to stay. There are always two sides. Depending on our state of being & the choices we make.

How do we change our state of being to one of a higher vibration & thus make better choices?

  • By first raising our awareness, from there the greatest changes & shifts can take place.
  • By forgiving ourselves for what we have taken onboard, forgiving ourselves for the pain we have caused ourselves
  • By being open to change, believing it is possible. Which it is, we could share a million stories of those who have come from the darkest places, the most traumatic experiences that have made that shift, that choice, to be better, to be open, to believing it is possible & then doing the work to make it so. Reading great books, listening to great podcasts, surrounding themselves with positive, supporting, encouraging, happy people.
  • By being grateful for all that we have, even the hard lessons we have learnt.
  • By taking the time to meditate & journal what we want our lives to be like, feel like. To practising & teaching our minds to be peaceful & calm & present.
  • By doing the work, the research to find out how to make it happen, looking to the experts, doing the training, the courses & as noted above, reading, listening & focusing on gratitude & all things positive & productive.
  • By being mindful & learning to live in the present moment, our now, that is the only place & space we can create change & allow miracles to happen.

We must choose. Starting by simply being happy that we are alive, that we have so much to give, to share & contribute to this world. Sit with this thought for a moment, think about all the joy you’ve already brought to this world, the difference you make in the lives of your family, friends, colleagues, community. Picture in your mind all the smiles, thank you s, tender moments & laughter. They’re there if you look.

I know this posts a bit heavy, a bit darker than normal, but the truth is life isn’t always fluffy. It can be hard, heart breaking & painful, but it is our choice as to how we respond to whatever comes our way, be it experience, comments or our own thoughts. It is our choice to move forward in love, stay stuck or suffer. We can choose to be miserable, to see the worst, believe the worst, that is our free will but I assure you Life will, to put it bluntly, suck & in those choices we only strengthen the belief that it is all true. Because life, the Universe, the world will show us confirmation. Because that’s what we’re focused on. There is no right or wrong, the Universe will reveal to you what you focus on, as with our brains, it will just show you what you believe to be true as it sees it must be important to you & therefore brings more of the same. But the flip side is also true, when we choose to embrace our past, to live, to grow, to be open to the possibilities, the miracles & the love that constantly surrounds us, life, the Universe, the World will show us confirmation that it is true.

It is always our choice but such an important choice, for it will lead you on the path of misery or magnificence.

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